Petroleum Oil Spill:

Today’s world the ‘Oil prices’ are a couple of years elevated and there is an
expectation of rising demand from China. Platt’s information this week that
China’s oil demand rush forward to an all-time high in November and requirement
of oil for the first 11 months of 2010 is rising almost 11 percent against

Chinese administration has yet moved about to increase the cost of internally
refined oil to carry on-demand (and inflation) in check. Anticipate costs to
increase into triple-digit terrain in the initial quarter of 2011, states
economist-turned-writer Jeff Rubin, author of prized winning, Why Your World Is
About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller.

also accepts as true that in 2011 we’ll exceed the $147-a-barrel mark that we
get to in July 2008. Since 18 months Rubin’s book published and since that time
a large number of events have happened in the entire world, including the BP
oil spill.

and Ripping Off:

and questions arise in the mind of economists that shale gas most absorbing:
“Is shale gas the sub-prime advance market of the natural gas market? Is this
one giant ripping off and investors are being defrauded into thinking there’s an
enormous supply of gas at $4 when its expenditure cost $7 or $8 to take it to
market? In the detail of time economics will claim itself, just as it did in
the sub-prime mortgage market.