climate change has become a huge dilemma. Which has bad effects on the world
environment? This problem would not be created in the next thousand years.
However, because of human incompetence, it has become immense trouble.
According to the experts, the following are the major reasons: Rapid population
growth. Deforestation. Industrialization (emission of carbon dioxide).

Experts Stated:

local environmental analyst said about Pakistan that, our releases are just
0.38 percent (of global greenhouse gas emissions), but these would increase as
the economy grows and the population growth. Our susceptibility to climate
change is a vital thing because we are an agricultural country, warning that
crops are at risk from poor rainfall and that floodwater could be stored for
use in the dry season. We require additional research to produce seeds, which
need a smaller amount of water. Analyst said.

Role of Women:

can play an important role in this significant matter. It means that they will
force their husbands that they will make their homes in safer places. You can
build your house in plain areas also. As recorded in Bangladesh there are
houses in the plain areas that are protected from the flood. All the states
should adopt such ideas.


the Governments and especially environmental agencies should take this most
important matter very seriously. To avoid further destruction all the countries
and especially environmental organizations should take all practical steps in
this regard. So that we can provide to our future generations a clean and clear
environment, free from environmental pollution and climate disasters. “Think