to a research study, nearly 50% of the world’s population is going to face
rigorous food shortages by the end of this century. It is because the
increasing temperatures cut down the growing season time in the tropics and
subtropics that raise the possibility and risk of drought and decrease the
harvests of basic food crops such as rice and maize up to 20 percent to 40


warming is anticipated to influence agriculture in each part of the earth but
it will have a mainly unpleasant impact in the tropics and subtropics, where
right now also the crops are less capable to become accustomed to climate
change and they are already facing food shortages because of fast population growth.

at Stanford University and the University of Washington, who exertion on the
study, discovered that by 2100 there is a 90 percent possibility that the
regions that are facing coolest temperatures in the tropics during the rising
season will be facing the temperatures upper than the hottest temperatures
recorded in those regions through 2006. Even more temperate parts of the world
can be expecting to observe formerly record-high temperatures become the

Population Growing:

the world population is predicted to be twice by the end of the century, the
requirements for food will also become maximum significant as growing
temperatures force nations to retool their advance approach to agriculture,
produce the latest crops that can endure in changing climatic surroundings, and
build up a further plan to make certain an adequate food supply for their
people to meet the food requirements of a constantly growing population.

to the director of food security and the environment at Stanford, All of that
could take decades. Meanwhile, when the local supplies of a specific region
start to run dry, people will have minimum places from where they can import
and meet the food requirements of their people.


Battisti, the scientist at the University of Washington who guide the study
understood that When all the signs point in the same direction, and this case
it’s a bad direction, you appealing much know what’s going to take place,
You’re discussing about hundreds of millions of supplementary people looking
for food because they won’t be able to discover it where they find it now.