world is currently fighting the coronavirus. But it seems that this new virus
has been spread by wild animals, or is spreading. Let us shed light on the
dangers posed by germs in animals. This could be a big problem in the future,
as climate change and globalization change the relationship between humans and

of Covid 19 on the Environment:

threatens our health and our climate but is often hidden. Different types of pollution
is a major cause of death for many humans and animals. Air, noise,  water, light, land pollution, and unhealthy
gas emissions have been significantly reduced on all continents due to the Pandemic
of Covid-19. 

The main reason for this is that everyone has taken precautions to
prevent coronavirus. But is all this temporary or will the reduction in
greenhouse gas emissions be lasting? 

climate change coronavirus

Climate Change-Coronavirus 

world has changed in the last few months. Thousands have died, and millions
more have fallen ill with the coronavirus. Coronavirus is a deadly virus that
was unknown to the world before December 2019. There are millions of people who
have survived the ordeal, but their lives have changed dramatically.

of these measures are aimed at preventing the spread of Covid 19 and keeping
the death toll to a minimum. But there are also some extraordinary consequences
of these measures. 

Because industries, transportation, and businesses are not
fully open, so is the atmosphere. There has been a sharp decline in carbon
emissions. Economic activity is stagnant and stock markets are falling sharply,
with air pollution levels dropping.

do diseases change our behavior?

far, the coronavirus has infected several people, while the deadly virus has
killed thousands and is still ongoing, but experts say the second wave could be
more dangerous than the first. Now that many countries around the world are
taking steps to stem the tide, their potential economic consequences are clear.

restrictions are now in place, and even without them, people are afraid to get
in touch, so that they are not infected with the virus. People change their
attitudes, it becomes difficult to cross borders, but now it has become quite
difficult, seasonal migrant workers cannot change their places and the supply
chain is affected.

What Can We Do?

societies, social organizations, and governments around the world try to deal
with the pandemic as a separate crisis but do not realize how the world is

drainage, waste disposal, and disinfection measures can prevent the spread of
these pandemics, but more importantly, change your attitudes toward the

inequality and urban population increase and climate change continue to affect
our environment, we need to understand that emerging diseases are more of a
threat than ever before.

is leading to an increase in new diseases. Just as climate change has
created many new and complex problems, it has also had a devastating effect on
human health. Climate change has not only increased the incidence of chronic
diseases but has also given rise to many new ones.

of people have lost their lives because of this deadly virus and if this issue
is not taken seriously, the number of deaths may increase in the future. We
also invite ordinary people to work with government agencies and social
organizations and become defenders of human health. That is to say, we must
keep our surroundings clean.

working class was more affected by the coronavirus. Since the Covid-19 Lockdown
began all over the world including Pakistan and India in March this year,
workers have been forced to leave work and they have been forced to sit at

coronavirus pandemic has infected more than one million people and killed
thousands globally, including in Pakistan. For millions of working-class people
in Pakistan, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it hunger and starvation
as well.


more we change the environment in the wrong ways, the more we destroy it. This
will allow the spread of many diseases like coronavirus. Developed countries
have to think about this because they are the ones who have caused the most
damage. These countries emit toxic gases, which cause climate change.

environmentalists have warned that if the natural environment continues to be
destroyed, more pandemics like Coronavirus will strike. When we deforest
indiscriminately, it affects the entire ecosystem.

we destroy the Wildlife of animals and insects and snatch their habitat, they
go out in search of a new place and try to survive, during which the virus in
them increases the chances of being transmitted to our body.

the same way, when the trees are cut for obtaining wood from the forest and
sold in the city, diverse viruses, along with many other insects, are
transmitted to the human population, and after the insects die, they find a new
place. Because of this, the human body becomes their abode.

also say that environmental pollution and the destruction of the natural environment
is a major cause of many disease and pandemics and their dangers.

one in the world wanted to reduce emissions in this way. Coronavirus or Covid-19
has had a devastating effect on global mortality, health care, employment, and
mental health. But we also learned a lesson from it. 

It would be great if human
beings could take care of each other, they can change a lot and this lesson can
be very important for solving the problem of the environment. What are your
impressions and opinions in this regard? Let us know your valuable feedback in
your spare time. Thanks.