Basant – Kite Flying Festival in Pakistan!

the arrival of spring in March, the skies of Lahore are splendid with all kinds
and sizes of kites. The Lahorites participate in kite-flying competitions to
sign the spring. Basant is not only a kite flying occasion but a cultural
festival of traditional food, dresses, dances, and music. These are also
celebrated by the local people in Lahore. At the event, the morning begins with
preparations for kite flying. There are the highest buildings in old Lahore.
People like to fly kites in high places. Because the air blows excellent there.
To hear songs people take a large tape recorder along with them. 

basant kite flying festival

Basant kite flying festival—image by Pakistan tourism 

on the Event:

  • Guests
    will be greeted at the event in a traditional manner.
  • Free
    dinner – Punjabi Food Festival. A trip to the walled city to view night
    kite-flying and enlighten colorful, historical monuments and balconies.
  • Breakfast
    with traditional Punjabi food.
  • Kite
    flying contest.
  • Free
    traditional lunch arrangements in the Lawns.
  • Presentation
    by prominent folk singers.
  • Dancing
    horses and traditional dances.
  • Stalls
    of kites, bangles, flowers, handicrafts, etc.
  • Tonga
    ride. (Light two-wheel vehicle).
  • Delight
    in and enjoy dinner in the Food Street – Food Festival of Punjab.
  • Lahore
    by night – tour on Bugees. (Light horse-drawn vehicle for one-two person).


people behave with carelessness on this occasion. It means that individuals are
using very unsafe iron wire. The throats of persons are cut with the iron wires
on the roads as well as in the streets. Many precious lives of people have been
waste because of this carelessness. We should celebrate the festival as a festival.
The government should take notice of this carelessness.