pollute means to make any features of the environment harmful to human beings,
animals, or plant life. There are many types of pollution for instance: Water
Pollution, Soil Pollution, Air Pollution, and Noise Pollution: The increased
number of factories and industries, and the ever-growing number of smoking
vehicles are the main causes of pollution.


often contaminated water is mixed with drinking water because of poor drainage
and sanitation systems. This polluted water is the main cause of many diseases
such as cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis. Another kind of water pollution is
produced by industrial waste. Many factories and industries throw away their
poisonous wastes into the nearby canals. Thus polluting the waters in the
rivers and lakes, which are dangerous for marine life?


improper disposal of waste material on the land produces soil pollution. When
it rains, the rainwater leaks through the soil. The waste dissolves and carries
the harmful material thus polluting the soil.


pollution is the supreme hazardous form of pollution. Poisonous emissions from
vehicles, factories, and industries pollute the atmosphere. These poisonous
gases when ingested can cause many diseases. They can produce skin problems.
The most serious problem of air pollution is the thinning of the Ozone layer,
which is the cause of excessive temperature.


pollution occurs because of the excessive use of vehicle horns, particularly
pressure horns and loud music. This is mainly a problem of densely populated
areas. Noise pollution can damage eardrums and can cause mental stress.

can we reduce pollution?

environmental protection department is taking measures to control pollution at
every level. We, as responsible citizens, must work hard to keep our
environment clean. It is noticed that most of the general people clean their places,
but throw garbage in the streets and on the roads. It is the duty of each one
to put garbage in the waste bin to keep our environment clean and clear.
However, the most significant thing is that we must protect our plants and
trees and grow as many others as we can. Because plants and trees produce
oxygen, which is essential for our life and these plants and trees, make our
environment, clean.