and exhibitions are celebrated globally, sometimes and from time to time to observe
a special event otherwise seasonal change. This fair and events, held in the
small on the other hand, the historic town of Sibi. Sibi Mela is where
tribesmen flock from all provinces of Pakistan with their animals to trade. The
main types of this fair (Mela) are horse, cattle and cultural shows, tent
pegging, camel races, animal markets, exhibitions of handicrafts, tribal
dresses, as well as folk dances. Sibi is situated at 163 Kilometres. And it has a 3-hour
drive, away from the southeast of Quetta-Baluchistan Pakistan, at the arrival
of the renowned Bolan Pass. Ever since the 15th century, this town has been the
meeting place of all the tribal chiefs of this area. 

sibi mela

Sibi Mela—image by tourism Pakistan

The British had carried on
and well-maintained and preserved this tradition in the form of an annual
“Darbar” or gathering, linking it with a fair where thousands of Baluchi
tribesmen gathered accompanied by their animals in mid-February. This cultural
event and tradition continue annually during February.

has great pleasure and business for the local people for the reason that the
local people and artisans from the other parts of the country have participated
in the event besides earning a reasonable revenue for their daily basic

general public from across Balochistan took part in the historic Sibi Mela (national
fair). activities in the field of agriculture, livestock, as well as additional
fields, enhanced the economy of the province. The historic Sibi mela, besides
being the largest meeting in Balochistan, is the second-largest festival in the
country as well. The festival provided an economically valuable opportunity for
farmers coming from diverse areas of the province. Sibi Mela is a traditional
festival that has been organized on a regular basis over the past centuries.