Last year was the year of gaming. Microsoft Kinect 3D motion without a controller, which is
moving with human action, came in the market. Then Sony Move was also launched.
There was a tough competition in both. Although the Microsoft Kinect 3D did
gain weight. Then after that, a Nintendo 3D game was also launched. These three
of them are their own qualities. Now Sony has announced such a next-generation
portable play station, which is a future thing. Its code-name is NGP. The key
concepts that are central, revolutionary use, social interactions, to provide
location-based entertainment, to meet reality and virtual facts in an excellent
way. The new processor has been put on this device. There is a touch screen
display, Lead electrical pole, Two cameras are installed behind and the front
side, the first dual analog stick combo is presented on such a portable device.
There is a touch panel on the back and touch screen on the front side. Both are
equal in size. By using both simultaneously becomes very good control. Enjoy