Safari Train in Pakistan is incredibly thrilling exciting and adventurous.

Safari tourist train to focus on and highlight the attractiveness of
sceneries and beauty of Pakistan. Train safaris in Pakistan offer you an
interesting way to experience Pakistan. Each Pakistan train safari is a
memorable experience in its way. The train safaris of Pakistan provide you some
of the most fabulous sights of the landscapes of the country. One such train
safari in Pakistan is the Khyber train safari. This safari offers you a
fascinating journey through Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (former NWFP). 

safari train

steam engine that pulls the train was manufactured in the 1920s. The train is
drawn by two steam engines. The Khyber train safari fascinates and captivates
every traveler as he travels through the harsh mountains. This train safari
covers about 42 km. The train goes through as many as 34 tunnels. Besides the
train also passes through cesspit and several 92 bridges.

safari train initiative would not only help railways earn reasonable revenue, on
the other hand, it also brings foreign reserves for the country as well.

have been made for the safari train stoppage at many places to facilitate
foreign photographers could capture the country’s natural beauty and
attractions as well in their cameras besides highlight it globally.

Safari’s Train:

local tribes are offered free travel on this train. Khyber train safari is
referred to as a historical journey as it was established and commenced by the
Britishers in British rule. This train safari starts from Peshawar and finishes
at Landi Kotal. at the ending part, there is an arrangement of Tea with local
food. Pakistan’s cultural train safari from Peshawar to Karachi is an
additional train safari of Pakistan. 

This train safari is organized from 1st to
20th of December. Train Safari to Khewra Salt mines is another pretty train
safari of Pakistan. This journey starts from 24th to the 26th of April.
Cultural programs are organized during the journey of Khewra salt mines.

participate and discover in an exploratory journey book a train ticket and
enjoy an outstanding journey in the land of Pakistan. ENJOY!