is an amusing, enjoyable activity besides competitive air sport. Gliding as a
sport instigated in the 1920’s. Initially, the purpose was to raise the duration
of flights on the other hand almost immediately pilots striving cross-country
flights further than the place of launch. Improvements and developments in
aerodynamics, as well as the considerate and caring of weather trends, have allowed
greater distances at higher average speeds. 

pakistan paragliding

Display in Pakistan:

Paragliding Show is held in Pakistan as well, to encourage and promote tourism
as well, to create compassion also goodwill. The 2010 gliding affair was held
in Swat valley by Chitral gliders Pakistan. As several Para-gliders from countries,
including Pakistan has competed in the event.
Some clips of the local paragliding flightier were demonstrated. All the
participants appreciated the efforts and healthy activities of the local Para
gliders in the events held in high peaks of Pakistan. This kind of gliding event
held in different parts of the country.

The organizer of Events PTDC: 

organizers select the area for the gliding events; the main and common
organizer is
PTDC. These occasions were held in Chitral as well as in Swat
valleys. Swat city is one of the greatest eye-catching and attractive tourist
hill stations in the northern areas of Pakistan. It believes as a piece of
heaven with the utmost stunning landscapes over there in Swat valley. People
from all around the world travel to
Swat valley to delight in and enjoy nature’s
splendor and beauty. Pakistani adoration to visit there as well especially in the
summer season. Several institutes take their travel trips to Swat valley. It is
an inordinate prospect as well as a great opportunity for the contestants to
promote the association and good relations with the local community during the
display of the gliding events.