of Balochistan desires to obtain significant benefits from the
Reko- Diq
(Reko-Diq is the small town in Chaghi Baluchistan province Pakistan) copper,
uranium and gold mining project, instead of that, they cannot tolerate the
misuse of the province’s natural resources; it was mentioned by the Minister of
Mines & Minerals Balochistan. In addition, he said that there are some
reservations concerning the agreement with the Tethyan Copper Company (TCC),
the government is discussing with it, if the talks become positive and appear,
well, otherwise the Chinese companies are also interested in this project. 

reko diq gold
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Mining Exploration Company Information: 

Mining exploring company has already accomplished its exploration period and
has submitted its Feasibility Report to the government of Balochistan. World’s
major mining companies Antofagasta Minerals of Chile and Barrick Gold of Canada
both the companies have formed the Tethyan Copper Company as a joint venture
for exploration, are eager to invest approximately $3.3 billion in Reko Diq
project with the Government of Balochistan. 
concerning to natural resources mining services assumed that countries, such as
Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Tanzania had gain profit from their undeveloped
mineral potential succeeded in lifting their economies by producing and
facilitate environment for private mining investment and somewhat widely open
their mineral resources for their country’s economic growth and development and
their people prosperity. 


effect of these measurements by the government had proved very fruitful for the
people and the economy. With this perspective, the Reko Diq project has the
potential to provide a similar momentum and development to the Pakistani economy,
which is now very low because of the world economic recession. This national
wealth of Reko-Diq does not stand for anything for the people of Baluchistan if
it resides as seditious as it has for hundreds of years. Baluchistan people being
ignored for many years now it is time that they must get their rights. 
expert mentioned that there is no mineral policy in the country; the issues of
misuse of the mineral resources of the country will keep suggestive of the
country until and unless a proper policy is formulated. Pakistan could be
benefited from this project earn 10 times the amount of this mineral is
processed and sold in a refined form. If the government takes it seriously for
the development of both people and for the country. Baluchistan mineral
resources are valuable only if acknowledged, dig out in a proper method,
processed and sold to the commercial markets internationally. 

Company Investment: 

exploration company has already invested approximately $200 million in the project
if it moved in the right direction then it is expected that it would better for
Pakistan’s poor economy, because this precious project could attract more
foreign investment in the country for the mining sector. This is more beneficial
for the country’s economy and the government will not take more debt from
foreign organizations. If the government is serious and wants to take advantage
of this project it would bring technology, while the province’s labor, health,
environmental and safety standards would be upgraded and would have an abundant
result on the overall economy. The mining exploration company, which is working
presently, also plans to invest extensive capital in community development, and
especially in skills development of local people it will create new jobs for
the local people and people will be skilled by training. 

Project Outcome in the Coming Future: 

to the TCC source, the Reko Diq project is estimated to produce 22 billion
pounds of copper and 13 million ounces of gold more than fifty (56) years. In
addition, the recent information is that the total worth of this natural wealth
is about 500 Billion US dollars. Some experts in Pakistan said that we have the
ability to explore our country’s natural resources but on the contrary, some
scientists and experts concerning the exploration stated that we not completely
capable to get all mineral in the area, for that we need help from the abroad
exploration experts. With the passage of time now, the local people are
realizing the development of this project. The project will benefit plentiful
if it was properly used. The government of Pakistan and Balochistan both must
take serious and advantage step and they must reside in political issues in
this regard. Because it is a question of the country and people’s development.