Aids Awareness Day

is the elevated time to adopt and implement a strategy against HIV/AIDS
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome for & Human Immuno-deficiency Virus
which each association and an individual was equally responsible to participate
in the interest of society. We have to eliminate the disease before they
destroy our generation. It is our keen responsibility to organize a rally and
spread awareness and we have to participate in these kinds of a rally that of
benefits for our society. 

world aids day


is a disease that is deadly as well as incurable. The main causes of the spread
of AIDS are sexual misconduct, used equipment, and contaminated blood
transfusions. According to medical experts, even daily use of a knife should be
avoided without washing it. Needles used to pierce the nose and ears should not
be used. It is also important that the surgical instruments used in the
operation be Sterilized. Used syringes also cause AIDS.

Seminar and Conferences:

we should arrange seminars and conferences to raise awareness about the
prevention of this fatal disease. It is the need of educating the masses
covering all aspects, which could lead to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Only
education and awareness can stop this fatal disease are spreading among the
people of the country nationally and internationally.

Aids Day Awareness and Estimation:

AIDS Day is being observed around the world today, the first of December, with
the aim of raising awareness about the prevention and precautionary measures
against this deadly disease. According to the World Health Organization, more
than 30 million people worldwide are infected with AIDS, while in Pakistan the
number has exceeded 100,000. On this day, people also symbolically tie or wear
red ribbons.

thousands of HIV/AIDS affected people have been estimated in Pakistan, Africa,
and Europe, and America is highly affected by this deadly disease, especially
India in this regard. The expert related to this field should stress the need
of launching a mass awareness campaign to provide information on adopting
safety measures to the people so that they could save themselves from receiving
the HIV/AIDS virus among their bodies.


can do a lot for the betterment of all worlds’ society by doing this it can
spread education and awareness about this deadly disease, which is growing day
by day, and it is a matter of great concern. If the media not promoting
obscenity, then our young people will not involve in bad activities.

is why Islam emphasizes (Hijab) so that women can safe from bad thinking
people. All the government of the world to spread awareness for the prevention
of this fatal and deadly disease and asked the media to run special programs
for the common people in this regard. Consequently, that common person knows about
the dangerous results of this disease.


purpose of celebrating World AIDS Day is to create awareness among the people
about AIDS, to avoid various things, and to avoid the incurable disease which
is transmitted only through blood. The purpose of observing this day is to stop
the deadly virus that causes AIDS and to control this deadly disease as well. That
is why it is said that this disease can be hated, not its patient.

there are so many negative opinions about this disease in social circles,
people do not report it to anyone. Therefore, the most important need of the
hour is to launch a massive awareness campaign to make the public aware of this
fatal disease.