The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) 

tests kits are available at medical stores for allowing the public to test
themselves. The kit will be available at medical stores, allowing the public to
do corona tests themselves.  
The Drug
Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has allowed medical stores to sell test
kits to make corona testing easier, allowing the public to test themselves. 


notification issued by the Federal Ministry of Health and DRAP said that the
matter was discussed at the 44th meeting of the Medical Device Board (MDB) and
a decision was taken regarding the Corona test. The notification states that
the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is used to identify a person infected with the
virus and that not all antigen tests available for COVID can be performed

tests are performed by laboratory staff or professionals or trained people, and
the sample required for the test is nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal, Drape
said. The notification said that according to the manufacturers’ claim,
self-testing or home test or over-the-counter test (OTC) may be suggested which
the general public can do. 

the test, it was stated that such tests would require nasal or sputum samples. Drap
says the method of self-testing is also a way to reduce many risks and reduce
the risk of spreading COVID. The notification said that for the above reasons,
the sale of OTC testing devices in pharmacies and medical stores has been

should be noted that the Rapid Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is
currently in use around the world and is available at other locations,
including airports, whereas, in the early months of the spread of the coronavirus,
tests were performed by a special kit. They had to be imported from abroad. Regarding
the PCR test, Dawn was told by Dr. Javed Usman, a microbiologist, that although
the rapid PCR test can be done in about 4 hours, it requires more logistics. 

put, rapid PCR tests enhance the sample and are done to eliminate the
possibility of false-positive or false-negative results,” he said. 

said that the condition of testing at the airport is to reduce the chances of
travel of infected passengers as the test confirms the virus in the passengers
who do not have any symptoms. 

Javed Usman had said that the machines used for the test are the size of
microwave ovens and have a limit of 35 cycles. 

Source: Dawn News.