Bank of Utility Bills in Pakistan Government of Pakistan

Banks have a huge rush of people usually to pay utility
Both the disabled People and the Elderly stand in long queues for
a long period to pay their utility bills at the banks. On the other hand, some
of the bank staff also treat the public quite immorally. 

Utility Bills

Vendors for collecting Utility Bills:

Banks in Pakistan are authorized to collect utility bills.
But due to the huge rush in the banks, most of the banks are overcrowded and the
people are not able to pay their utility bills on time. The government of
Pakistan has authorized some vendors to collect utility bills for the
convenience of the people. But some greedy shopkeepers take improper advantage
of this authorization and facility and run away with the money of poor people.
Therefore poor and needy people have to repay their utility bills after the due

Faulty delivery of utility bills makes consumers pay extra:

The home delivery system of utility bills has completely
failed as the contractor concerned sends them hardly one day ahead of the due
date, forcing the consumers to pay penalties.

I have read in the newspapers about the common residents of
different cities that the employees of contractor dropped the bills at a
certain shop of the area and it was up to the consumers to collect them from
the shopkeeper. If consumers failed to collect their utility bills from the
shopkeeper, they would have to pay a penalty for late payment.

The disadvantage of late payment is that the charges are
sometimes repeated in the next month’s bill and consumers have to visit the
offices of the company for correction every month.

Government must take notice:

Why are the bills are distributed late? The authoritative
bodies should take action against the concerned persons if found guilty of

Changes in PTCL Policy:

PTCL had changed its policy after its privatization and used
to block the dialing system as well as DSL internet facility if payment was
delayed even for one month. In the past, the subscribers could pay their bills
even after three months but now they had to pay it urgently otherwise they
would have to face suspension of the service.

The present government has announced to give millions of jobs
to the people anyway. Therefore, I request the present government to open and
launch a separate new bank and its branches in different cities throughout the
country for easy payment of utility bills. Which should be named “Bank of Utility
Bills”. This will solve two problems as well.

Firstly: Paying a monthly utility bill will be easier for the

Secondly: Employment opportunities for the people will also
be solved. 

I hope that the present government will take this advice seriously
and will take a concrete step in this regard.

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