in Baluchistan there is a very tense situation. Balochistan in terms of area is
the biggest province of Pakistan. 65 years after independence, it is the
country’s most backward province. What are the Obstacles in the construction
and development of this province that did not clear it ever? Baloch
nationalists believe that the federal government takes over Balochistan
resources and it is deprived of its legitimate rights. On the contrary But
others believe that the Landowners, Leaders of Balochistan themselves interfere
in the development and prosperity so that Baluchistan leaders to be established
their self-governments. 


debate is a long-running, still could not get the results. Many Governments
have Launched several projects in the province but it has not been yet
implemented. To conciliate the annoyed Baloch leaders and to resolve
differences, the Government of Pakistan has announced a variety of plans.
Special Package of Balochistan Rights has now launched. And Government of
Pakistan has pledged to implement the package. But unfortunately, it has not
been implemented yet. And the government has pledged to restore peace and
security, Promises made for the recovery of missing persons as well.

and opposition are individually condemning and blaming each other just to
elegance their politics. They are not serious to resolve the leader’s
differences and are also not to fulfill the basic rights of common peoples.
What is the benefit of such a democracy in which their basic needs are not
being fulfilled? The facts are very bitter about Balochistan. In most of the
population living on the poverty level is 26 percent in Punjab, 38 percent in
Sindh, 29 percent in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 48 percent in Balochistan
respectively. Gas emerging from Balochistan has been blessed throughout
Pakistan for the last 50 years. While the Quetta residents benefited from Sui
gas thirty-32 years after the discovery. 78 percent of the province is still
deprived of Sui gas.

is the negligence of the ruler’s of the country that the problem of Balochistan
as it was after the recurrence and much debate in Parliament. Balochistan problems
still have not found any useful solution in Parliament. Baluchistan’s problem
is just like the volcano. Domestic and foreign intimidating forces to Pakistan
for their hidden purposes are circulating anti-Pakistan sentiment. Green Moon
Flag and National Anthem have lost its sanctity and sacredness. It has already
been delayed but now there was still time to hand. It is our sense of duty that
Balochistan’s actual and real problems must be taken on priority. And sincere
efforts should be done to redress such a problem. There is no other way of

only solution is Dialogue. The major barrier in the way of Balochistan problem
is lack of confidence. Where the federal and provincial governments fulfill
their responsibilities in the restoration of confidence, Balochistan leaders
and government rulers should also be asked about, to what extent that fulfilled
their responsibilities in solving the Balochistan problems and asking for basic
rights of the Baloch nation.