WhatsApp New Features Updates: 

    WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging
    application with over 2 billion users. That’s why WhatsApp is constantly
    working on new features so that its users do not turn to any other messaging
    app. Usually, these new features come first in the PET program and are
    available to all users after going through various testing stages there.
    WhatsApp will also introduce several features in 2022, which are not yet known. 

    WhatsApp update

    But some features are currently in beta versions and hopefully will be available
    to users in the coming weeks or months. WhatsApp is testing a new feature in the
    beta version for iOS Divers. Under this feature, when a user receives a
    WhatsApp notification, the person who sent it will be able to do so in the
    profile photo notification. Upon receiving the notification, just a text
    message appears on the phone screen. 

    The seemingly common feature of this app is its hidden
    weakness in keeping track of your activities and that is Last Scene Status. But
    the feature of adding Last Scene for specific contacts from WhatsApp may be
    introduced soon. This feature is being tested in the beta version of the app
    and soon all users will be able to choose their last scene status on WhatsApp
    from 4 categories. 

    The Voice app currently provides 3 privacy options for Last
    Scene, Profile Foot and About, Everyone, My Contacts, and No Body. But very
    soon you will be able to see the fourth option My contacts except. When this
    fourth option is selected, you will be able to voluntarily disable access to the
    Last Scene for these people by knowing them.
    This will allow you
    to block specific people from viewing the last scene, profile photo, or Sun
    Info on WhatsApp. 

    WhatsApp Edit: 

    The editing option for media sharing in
    the messaging app is also being changed and this will allow users to add more
    people before submitting to med or files. Similarly, WhatsApp users will be
    given an option to upload media in a status update, even if they are already
    creating a file on WhatsApp chat. This feature is also being tested in Android
    and iOS beta versions. 

    Voice App Community: 

    A WhatsApp group can have no more
    than 256 members, but not soon. The Voice App Community feature is being tested
    in beta, allowing 10 WhatsApp groups to be linked to a community. There will
    also be a new announcement session which will have admin courses only and will
    allow them to share a message to members of all groups close to the community. 


    This is the platform of WhatsApp which users will
    surely be eagerly waiting for because the user cannot log out after logging in
    to this messaging app yet. But the multi-device feature in WhatsApp is being
    improved from a monkey and the logout option will also be part of it and with
    its help users will be able to log out of voice app accounts in the same way as
    Facebook does with Instagram. 


    The Facebook Messenger feature has been around for a long time and
    has now been introduced in WhatsApp for at least beta version users. Facebook
    Messenger users are well aware of this feature and users will soon be able to
    respond to emoji on a message in WhatsApp. How many emojis will be available on
    WhatsApp for reactions? It is unknown at this time what he will do after
    leaving the post. Similarly, it is not clear whether the same tools will be
    available in individual chats or groups.