is the most popular application in the world, the world’s most popular app used
for messaging made users happy, WhatsApp provided important convenience to the
users by introducing important apps.

to the details, WhatsApp keeps making new changes for the convenience of its
users, many people use voice notes in WhatsApp to send messages. Sometimes the
talk gets so long that the voice note sent is converted into minutes instead of
seconds. WhatsApp will now be able to quickly listen to the longest voice notes
for the convenience of users. 


need the internet to use WhatsApp This problem has now been decided by the
administration, WhatsApp hinted at introducing a new feature under which users
will now be able to use WhatsApp even without the internet.

to Web Beta Info, the WhatsApp multi-device feature is currently in the
pipeline, which will be launched in the next two months for both Android and
iOS testers.

announced a change in the notification a few months ago by updating a feature,
some of the notification options like Reply and Mark as Red will be changed to Blue
instead of Dark Mode Green. Consideration is being given to bringing back the
green color by eliminating these changes. Consumers had difficulty making the
change. WhatsApp decided to bring back the old green color.

WhatsApp, 1 x, 1.5 x, changed the speed of voice notes, and 2x will now be
mentioned next to the user’s voice note. You can hear the other’s voice at any
speed you want.