WhatsApp new features 

addition to gossiping, how would you like your WhatsApp to tell you your
location in case of an emergency? 

whatsapp features

the user has been offline for several days or months and has not received any
messages sent to him for a long time. Even if he has not shared his location
with you on WhatsApp, it is still possible to find out his location in case of
emergency. However, for that, you need to open the WhatsApp webpage on at
least a Windows 10 desktop computer instead of mobile. Make sure that only the
WhatsApp webpage is open except that all tabs are closed. 

to “Settings” and open the WhatsApp mobile app, then click on the
“Linked Devices” button. Then press the “LinkedIn Device”
button and open the “QR” code via WhatsApp. Once WhatsApp is
connected, repeat this process sequentially. 

  • Open
    a chat with another user. 
  • Pressing
    the Control, Alt, and Delete buttons together will bring up the Windows Task
    Manager window. 
  • Close
    all active chats except existing chat browsers. 
  • Now
    press the R button along with the Windows logo button. The “Run”
    window will appear. Type cmd and press “Enter”. 
  • Now
    when the command prompt opens, type “netstat-a-n-o” and press enter. 
  • Make
    a note of the IP address that appears and copy it. 

the IP address is entered in the browser, the IP address of the relevant person
along with the latitude and longitude points as well as the continent of his
residence, country, state, city, postcode, time zone, local time, ISP,
organization. , IP connection type, ASN, and PTR record will provide every