so-called democratic government has completed his four years. And the fifth
year will by some means be fulfilled. How were the circumstances during that period?
Due to immoral policies how various government agencies reached into what
circumstances? What kind of unusual were happenings in our country during these
years? Neither of these issues needs to go into detail, nor to discuss because
you are well acquainted with such situations. All of these records are
available in all earlier leading newspapers. All people are aware of such

government ruling class

is no justification to explain in detail. The miserable information is that
Government’s elite’s attitude does not exactly reflect that they are serious in
solving the country’s major problems, or they have a solid framework to solve
these troubles or they are committed to using them. When any problem is
happening then such news appears on TV channels that the concerned authorities
have taken notice of the incident. After that nobody has observed practical
steps by the government persons. Forget the other issues because the country’s
biggest concern is energy crises which are exceeding day by day and pushing us
increasingly towards darkness and economic collapse.

instead of commerce and industry, our means of transport are also increasingly
moving towards doldrums. Some useful steps in this regard are not being taken.
The government spent a lot of capital in many social programs as prodigal. But
the government is not willing to spend a billion rupees only on Thar coal
Project. If the government is willing to spend that much money so ten thousand
megawatts of electricity can be generated for the next 30 years. And the
current shortfall can be eliminated very soon. This can be achieved when the
government is serious about solving this issue. If the government would address
energy concerns, many closed factories and industries will be started again.
The step can be solved the problem of unemployment to a great extent. This is
an example of misplaced priorities. And many other strange kinds of useless,
non-productive projects and activities have also existed. And the precious
capital of poor people is being destroyed on such misplaced priorities. Just