The whole world is deal with a number of rigorous environmental problems such as dreadful conditions of natural resources, industrial and vehicle pollution, pollution of marine environment, degradation of human health. Particular patterns are; air, land and water degradation, drought and desertification, water logging, forest reduction, loss of biodiversity, vehicular & industrial pollution and climate change. The growing awareness and concerns about the impacts and effects of environmental pollution have activated a number of national and international actions in recent years.

 Environmental problems

Power Load shedding in Pakistan. Creates environmental pollution. Widespread load shedding has brought about huge protests across Pakistan breaking the backbone of by now crippled business activities. Powerless sufferers angrily by burning tyres on the Roads. It also creates environmental pollution. Burning tyres releases chemicals and into the atmosphere. Such toxic gases harmful to human health. It causes a variety of diseases. Approximately 40 percent of deaths globally are caused by different kinds of pollution.


We should for that reason accept personal responsibility for the achievement of the environmental protection programs of our relevant community by cooperating and keenly participating in making the atmosphere pollution free. The foremost difficulty with controlling pollution is that people are reluctant to change their behaviors and habits. Simple and easy measures that everyone can follow at an individual level are incredibly considerable for controlling pollution. The use of organic substances at residence would reduce both water and land infectivity.

  • Plant a tree.
  • Recycle.
  • Safeguard energy.
  • Maintain and keep wood stoves and fireplaces fine.
  • Purchase green electricity.
  • Keep the thermostat Lower.

The government should endorse strict environmental laws. The vital step in decreasing pollution considerably is educating people. Large numbers of community are still unaware of the harmful affects of pollution and greenhouse gases emissions. Once people become aware of such issues, voluntary organizations should be established to enforce certain rules and regulations. This could help and reduce the pollution by half as the majority damage is done at an individual level. If each person takes responsibility and acts seriously and sincerely at the moment, this planet could be a safe shelter for the future generations.