Theme: Food. Feed. Fibre. 

great day of protection from desertification and famine (today) will be
celebrated on June 17. Various programs will be held on the occasion of the day
all over the world including Pakistan. 

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

solve the water problem, many countries around the world are trying to convert
seawater (97% of groundwater) into freshwater. Three basic technologies are
currently being used around the world to convert seawater into freshwater. In
the past, these methods were very expensive. But now they are getting cheaper
over time. A brand new industry has sprung up in the Middle East.

plays a key role in human food and agriculture. About 69% of the world’s usable
water is used for agriculture, while in some developing agricultural countries,
up to 90% of fresh water is used only for agriculture.

Desertification and Famine Day

is World Desertification and Famine Day. The purpose of this day is to raise
awareness about reducing the effects of drought and famine and preventing the
process of desertification.

to the United Nations, 250 million people worldwide are severely affected by
desertification. Various events will be held on the occasion of World Day to
prevent water scarcity and desertification as well as the effects of famine.

is the process by which a common land gradually dries up and becomes barren,
after which it turns into a complete desert.

process begins when there is a drought in an area, large-scale deforestation,
or the use of poor methods and chemicals in agriculture that deplete the soil’s
fertility. Make it barren.

continent of Africa is currently the most affected by desertification.

climate change around the world, such as climate change, extremely hot
temperatures, and rapid depletion of water resources, is drying up the land and
accelerating desertification.


entire responsibility for water conservation does not lie solely with
government agencies. Every citizen of the world has a role to play in avoiding
future problems. Most of the water used for human consumption is wasted in
hotels. A comprehensive public awareness campaign is also needed in this
regard. If all countries are to avoid water scarcity in the future, they must
begin their efforts together on several fronts.

is a need not only to make the canal and other development projects transparent
but also to complete them as soon as possible. Instead, early warning systems
consisting of geographic information systems and remote sensing techniques
should be set up in drought-affected areas. Through which the climate and
climate changes taking place here can be monitored by satellite and reliable
and accurate information about the return time of drought can be provided in

is life so be careful in its use.