The simple and basic human society develops with the fact that they interact and co-operate with each other. This interaction with other fellow beings helps to assimilate and develop a relation which now creates a society full of relations, care and affection. On the other hand in these societies, those who have weak interactivity or who face problem to interact with other people remain behind and are ignored and consequently have a less caring community.
Among these stand the disabled persons as they have less mobility and interaction in the society growth and development thus they remain neglected and during the development of the societies they remain unseen.


Disabled People Finding Jobs:

The disabled persons who complete their studies against all odds face another issue that is the discrimination in finding jobs. Firstly the access is an issue and then the psychological understanding among the non-disabled persons for the disabled persons is not convincing. The employer on seeing a disabled person considers it courage that with this disability he has reached this far on the other hand his company cannot afford a disabled person for reasons. Even if he gets a job it is considered that he is given a job to sympathies and not because of his credentials or qualifications.


Thus, effectively ignoring even the most deliberate displays of prejudice within society executed towards social groups such as the disabled. Until we get a responsible, grown up and a less self-interested attitude by our political elite and their media supporters as regards the use of negative affectation in public concerning disability, how can we ever expect a similar attitude to develop in the wider world? At some point we will need to take a long hard look at ourselves and decide whether we can constantly get away with the notion that words and actions of ‘hatred’ are purely down to ignorance alone.