such as rape against women in Pakistan are growing and increasing day by day
due to the ignorance of the Government of Pakistan. Our leaders are sitting and
watching this evil show. When a political leader is worried about their
political chair then, Political leaders make people come out to streets for
strong demonstration. When Political leaders have committed contempt of court
then soon the country’s Supreme Court would have filed a contempt of court case
against the political leaders. I do not say that it is wrong, but I meant to
say that, these political leaders and the court does not seem such harsh that
how many innocent girls are abused every day. Moreover, this figure is
increasing day by day due to the ignorance of the Government and its leaders
and security agencies. Now the police persons themselves are involved in crime. 

social evils

evils such as Rape cases and Child Abuse are Severely Increasing. Numerous FIRs
(first Investigation report) were registered in various districts, cities, and
provinces while severe and serious crimes like murder, child abuse and
especially rape cases were frequently reported in urban districts of the
country. Human life and dignity are dearer to Allah Almighty against “House of
God” in Makkah city Saudi Arabia.”. Then why Pakistan political leaders and
Court of Justice not taking legal and practical action against such person who
has committed and involved in such crimes, who destroyed the innocent life and
dignity of girls and women in the community. Islamic leaders must contribute in
this regard. However, Islamic leaders are also silent on such serious matters.
That would be the responsibility and duty of the Islamic leaders to preach
Islam only. When Pakistan came into being. The community of that time was
saying that there would be no such thing as police in Pakistan because we will
live with peace and harmony.

have a duty to respect and protect the lives and property of the people living
in society. However, the result was the opposite. Rape is one form of sexual
violence and Pakistan has only one law for rape. The judiciary should expand
the definition of sexual violence with the intention that incest and child
molestation can also be included. Now when severe punishments are being handed
over, the criminals use to file appeals in the courts and secure release. This
trend should be changed, as when a court convicts an accused of such serious
crime like rape or child abuse, he should not be released on appeal. I consider
that the attitude of the people should also be changed concerning rape, which
is a terrible crime. 

People are of the observation that the government has
failed to change a century-old police system despite bringing in new Police
Order and spending heavy amount on improving the Police department in an
attempt to change Thana (police stations) culture and make it people-friendly. Political leaders,
Islamic leaders, and security agencies like law enforcement agencies must take
serious and concrete action against culprits and terminate such social evils
and terrible crimes in the country. Political leaders and Islamic leaders
should make Pakistan a welfare Islamic state. People must also struggle in
making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state.