SAWW, the kindhearted birthday of the LAST Holy Prophet Hazrat
Mohammad SAWW
has always been one of the supreme noteworthy events in Pakistan
and all Muslim countries of the world as well. Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAWW) is
observed with great respect and religious enthusiasm all over Pakistan. The day
initiated with amazing in addition to special pray after Namaz e Fajr (early
morning prayer) in Masjid and a salute with 21 martyrs is offered to mark the
celebrations of Eid Milad-un-Nabi SAWW.

people are reciting Salam Durood, (Darood is a Persian word, it signifies
praising as well as sharif means eminent otherwise honored. It means to praise
in addition to honor the last Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH
) with the greatest
affection as well as kindness. Darood Sharif is an approach to send blessings
as well as salutations on the Last Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH ) besides his offspring,

must follow the footsteps of our supreme dearly loved The Last Messenger Hazrat Mohammad
SAWW. Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), as well as his beloved followers, have given
sacrifices for the religion of Islam.  If
we acquired this opportunity in life, we must sacrifice for the sake of Islam. Many
marketplaces, government buildings, Mosques, and crossroads are elegantly
decorated besides distinctive and special preparations as well as arrangements
are made for information besides illumination throughout the country and all
the Muslim world as well.

milad un Nabi