Do you
want to know how to use two (2) different WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

is the most popular messaging messenger in the world, used for text messages as
well as video or audio calls.

only one WhatsApp account can be used on a phone, although now most phones come
with dual SIM support.



dual SIM support, users can use 2 different numbers in one phone but the WhatsApp
account only works on one number.

today’s smartphones have the facility to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone,
just need to have a dual SIM.

every smartphone brand has a feature that may have a different name, but it
works the same way.

Samsung phones, this feature is called Dual Messenger, Dual App in Xiaomi,
Clone Apps in Real Me, Parallel Apps in One Plus, Clone Apps in Oppo, Clone App
in Vivo, and App Twin in Huawei.

you are using a phone of one of these brands, you can find and use the
duplicate app feature.

this feature, you can create a duplicate app of any supported app and use it
for 2 different accounts on the same phone.

For example,
in Samsung phones, go to the Advanced features in the settings menu, scroll
down and click on Dual Messenger.

will be a list of apps that are compatible with Dual Messenger and turn on by
clicking on the desired app like WhatsApp and then click on the Install option.

will also be an option for a separate list of contacts to turn on.

in Huawei, the desired app can be duplicated by turning on the settings, apps,
and the app twin option there.

Real Me, go to Settings in the Clone Apps option and select the app of your
choice to disable app cloning.

the same way. Open App Store on your iPhone and download WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business and tap on “Agree & Continue” to accept Terms of Service
and continue with the Registration Process. Enter your Mobile Number and wait
for the OTP via text message or a call.

with the Registration process by Entering your name, setting up a profile
photo, and choosing your business type. Tap on Next when done and your new
WhatsApp account will be ready to use.

in other brands, the door can be opened to use 2 WhatsApp account on the phone
through the names given above.

you need to turn them off, go to the same option and turn off the feature.

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