For any Finance Minister or An Administrator must have two basic principles or qualities to run the country’s economy or for the stability of any country’s economy. The government to choose any administrator and finance minister should adopt these two principles. Two qualities are as below: 

1. Al Alim: The All-Knowing, the Omniscient. 
2. Al Hafidh: The Preserver, the Protector. 

(Yusuf) [Joseph] said, “Appoint me over the storehouses of the land. Indeed, I will be a knowing guardian.” (Surah Yusuf: Quran 12:55). 

According to the above Quranic, a verse that he or she must be faithful and he or she knows his work very well. If one of these two basic principles or qualities is missing, then it will be a failed person. That is why both the rules and qualities should have for an administrator or financial minister of the country or organization. He or she should be an expert in his or her work. 

One of the two women said, ‘O my father’. Employ him’. Undoubtedly, the best employee is he who is strong and trustworthy’. 
(Surah Al-Qasas: Quran, Verse No 26 of 88). 

As stated by the above Quranic verse: 

The best man is the one that is powerful, knowing his work, is an expert in his work and be trustworthy, This is the same thing which was also said for Joseph (Yusuf) in the above verse (Quran: 12:55). 

Here trustworthy is used as the Al Hafidh: The Protector and used Al Qawi: The Powerful as Al Alim: The All-Knowing.