is also effective against new strains of the coronavirus, research

in the United States has shown that the Corona vaccine, developed by Pfizer and
the German company BioNTech, is also effective against new concerns of the
coronavirus discovered in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

new tension of Covid-19, which has emerged in South Africa and the United
Kingdom has proved more contagious and harmful, prompting experts in the United States to take action.

preliminary results from research by researchers at Pfizer and the University
of Texas in the United States has been encouraging. 


volunteers took part in the research, which showed vaccine resistance to new
strains of the virus.

The research
study also found that despite the emergence of new strains of the coronavirus,
the effectiveness and potency of the corona vaccine has not diminished, and the
Pfizer vaccine is effective against 16 different mutations in the coronavirus.

there were fears that a mutation in a new strain of the covid-19, which has
emerged in South Africa, could be more resistant to the vaccine.

the other hand, many experts, including Liu Poon Litman, a professor at the
School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong, say the research is
limited and uses a new laboratory-developed corona that cannot be 100 percent

experts also say that despite all the concerns and precautions, the results of
the research is encouraging, and another positive sign is that the Pfizer
vaccine is being used all over the world, and people are getting protection
against the vaccine.

Ryan, a senior official at the World Health Organization, also expressed hope
that while research is being carried out against the new strain of coronavirus,
the initial results of limited research are encouraging. So there is nothing to
worry about.

The new strain of the coronavirus could cause the worst pandemic, experts say.

to the information so far, it is capable of spreading 50 to 70% more than the
coronavirus that caused the global pandemic of Covid 19.

Another important point in this regard is that the lethality of ‘B1 One Seven’ has not
increased compared to last year’s Coronavirus, however, experts still fear that
if the new virus infects more people. Despite the low mortality rate, the death
toll will be very high.


three months ago from today, a relative of mine was infected with the
coronavirus. He used turmeric in the milk and he recovered completely.

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