Odontoblast TRPC5 channels signal cold ache in teeth

Some people usually avoid eating or drinking cold, hot or
sweet things to protect their teeth, because such people also have toothache by
eating or drinking these things.

Some of these people also avoid eating or drinking hot
foods, so that they can be protected from toothache

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However, the majority, including such people, do not know
why there is a toothache while eating or drinking cold food and then how the
feeling of this pain reaches the brain?

Scientists recently solved this problem after reviewing a
lengthy study, which found that eating or drinking cold foods causes toothache because
the cells in the teeth are affected by the odontoblast.

According to a study published in the scientific journal
American Association for the Advancement of Science, a study conducted by
experts from several European and American countries. Odontoblast cells above
and outside the teeth cause pain when eating and drinking cold foods.

However, the question is, does Odontoblast finally make
you feel the pain between eating and drinking cold foods?

Answering the same question, the experts said that, when
there is inflammation in the teeth, that is, swelling, irritation, or itching,
the cell called (Odontoblast) causes pain when cold things come. 

Sensitivity to Cold and to Sweets 

These same cells then report the pain that occurs when
eating or drinking translucent receptor proteins (TRPC-5), the system that
connects teeth to the brain, which eventually reaches the human brain, and then
the human being begins to feel pain.

The study was compiled by four different experts, on the
other hand, they reviewed surveys and research reports by experts from the
United States and several European countries.

Experts concluded by looking at research on humans and
mice, why eating or drinking cold things in the teeth causes pain?

to experts, the results provide many new indications for dental treatment and
the results will be useful for dental diseases. 

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