Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in the World for 2022 

Whether it’s the beauty of nature or the magic of high-rise
buildings, a shopping plaza equipped with technology, or a place to go for
leisure, few people can afford it. 

But still, for those who want to visit different cities of the
world this year, the selection of the ten best cities in the world has come to
the fore. 

These cities have been named the most popular tourist destinations
for 2022 by Trip Advisor, a leading tourism organization based on the votes of
people around the world. 

Where you can enjoy all kinds of views for the sake of technology,
conservatism, natural beauty, snow, sea, mountains, wildlife. 

Top 10 most popular destinations in
the world.
The cities listed are as follows. 

    Dubai, UAE 


    Three or four decades ago, Dubai
    was nothing more than a desert. Today, it is home to the world’s tallest
    building, the Burj Khalifa, the 1358-foot Princess Tower, and the center of
    more than 150 high-rise buildings. And in this list, it has been named the most
    popular tourist destination of 2022. 

    London, UK


    London needs no introduction, it is
    one of the few cities that attract the most tourists every year. London is one
    of the world’s leading commercial, economic, and cultural centers, and its
    profound impact on the political, educational, entertainment, journalistic,
    fashion and fine arts worldwide is evident from its being an international

    The four UNESCO World Heritage
    Sites also belong to London, including Westminster Palace and Westminster
    Church, St. Margaret Church, London Bridge, the historic population of
    Greenwich, and the Royal Botanical Garden. 

    Cancun, Mexico 


    This Mexican city is also very
    popular with tourists because of its coastal locations. But at the same time,
    it remains a tourist attraction due to the historical sites of the Maya

    Bali, Indonesia 


    The Indonesian island is considered
    a major tourist destination in Southeast Asia, and thousands of tourists from
    the West come here every year. 

    Crete, Greece 


    It is also the fifth-largest island
    in the Mediterranean and is visited by millions of tourists. The Ottoman Empire
    conquered it but was weakened by World War I and fell to Greece. 

    Rome, Italy 


    Rome, the capital of Italy, which
    for almost a thousand years has been the most important political center,
    richest and largest city in the Western world, is still a favorite destination
    for tourists from all over the world due to its historical monuments. But
    modern buildings and river walks are also very popular, which is why millions
    of people from all over the world come here every year for holidays. 

    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 


    This Mexican resort city is also
    very popular with tourists who are known for its beaches, scuba diving, and
    marine life. It is believed that this place was inhabited at least 10,000 years

    Istanbul, Turkey 


    The northwestern Turkish city
    stretches from the Bosphorus to Thrace in Europe on one side and Anatolia in
    Asia on the other, making it the only city in the world to be located on two

    Istanbul is the only city in the
    history of the world that has been the capital of three great empires,
    including the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. 

    Istanbul is also called the
    “City of the Seven Hills” because the oldest part of the city is
    built on seven hills, with a mosque on top of each hill. For those who see the
    combination of innovation and conservatism here, the journey here makes life
    the most memorable experience. 

    Paris, France 


    Paris called the City of Love, Paris is
    one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with millions of people
    flocking to the city each year before the Corona epidemic. Tourists from all
    over the world come here to see its magnificent and historic buildings,
    world-renowned institutions, and famous gardens. 

    Hurghada, Egypt 


    on the shores of the Red Sea, it is one of the few major tourist destinations
    in Egypt that was founded in the early 20th century. For decades it was a small
    fishing village, but now it has become a Red Sea resort spread over an area of
    36 square kilometers. 

    Source: TripAdvisor