Hip Replacement Surgery Hip Replacement Treatment 

What do you know about prolozone therapy? I am considering getting prolozone
therapy to treat my right and left hips, which are affected by arthritis. I did
a lot of treatment for this affected hip, but there was no improvement. I was
given an injection of steroids, but my severe pain did not subside. I would
like to do hip replacement surgery if possible. 

If a complaint of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, or Ankylosing Spondylitis (Axial
Spondyloarthritis) develops in the hip, its pain can be very painful. A layer
of protective tissue covers the joint. It gradually wears and thins due to
frequent fractures. This protective tissue is also called articular
cartilage. When this soft bone is penetrated, the bones begin to rub against
each other, causing inflammation and pain. Corticosteroid injections, usually
triamcinolone, are sometimes given directly into the joint to reduce this pain. 

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This reduces inflammation and pain. However, this gives only temporary relief.
There are high hopes for stem cell technology in this regard, but currently,
the only effective treatment available for pain-free walking is an artificial
joint. Here are some things to understand about ozone. Ozone is a pale blue gas
with a slightly foul odor. Its molecular structure is different from the oxygen
we breathe. “Ozone, a gas, is formed by a chemical reaction between oxygen in
the air and ultraviolet rays from sunlight. Apart from this, ozone gas is also
formed in the earth’s atmosphere due to electrical discharges such as lightning
strikes and it is considered one of the air pollutants. Ozone gas has been
proven harmful to the lungs, heart, and central nervous system. 

This gas can be
especially dangerous in urban areas. Prolozone therapy uses ozone gas to
stimulate cell growth in damaged areas of the body, such as an arthritic hip.
It is said that this therapy can regenerate soft cartilage. Nevertheless, there
is no published, solid evidence that this actually happens. That is why I am
deeply concerned that this treatment, which can be very expensive, may be of
any benefit to you. There is no doubt in my mind that hip replacement surgery
will help restore your mobility and relieve your pain. Visit the NASS.CO.UK
website for more information.