The Best Car Insurance Companies of 2023 

Different car insurance companies have varying levels of
quality. We conducted a survey of over 10,000 drivers to gain insight into
their experiences with car insurance, with a focus on important aspects such as
customer service, claims to handle, and customer loyalty. Using the data
gathered, we have ranked the top car insurance companies of 2023 to assist you
in finding the best one for you. 

What Is the Best Car Insurance Company? 

Our 2022 data shows that the top car insurance company is
USAA, however, it is only available to military members. If you do not qualify
for USAA, the next best option is State Farm. We evaluated rates, customer
feedback, and other factors such as customer service, claims handling, loyalty,
and policy renewal to determine the best car insurance companies. We also asked
survey participants how likely they would recommend their current insurer to
others. This list can help you compare companies based on important factors,
but it’s still best to compare multiple insurers and their rates before
purchasing or renewing your policy. Though USAA and State Farm are at the top
of the list, you may find a better fit with one of the other eight companies on
our list. 

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Here are a few more factors to consider when choosing a car
insurance company: 

It’s difficult to definitively say which car insurance
companies are the “best,” as different companies may be better suited
for different individuals or circumstances. Some factors to consider when
choosing a car insurance company include the following: 

  • Financial stability: It’s important to choose a car
    insurance company that is financially stable, as it will be more likely to be
    able to pay out claims in the event of an accident. 
  • Coverage options: Look for a company that offers a wide
    range of coverage options, as this will allow you to tailor your policy to your
    specific needs. 
  • Customer service: Consider the reputation of the company for
    customer service, as you will likely need to interact with them in the event of
    a claim or other issue. 
  • Price: Price is an important factor, but it’s not the only
    factor to consider. Be sure to compare the coverage and customer service of
    different companies in addition to their prices. It may also be helpful to read reviews and ask for
    recommendations from friends, family, or other trusted sources. 
  • Discounts: Many car insurance companies offer discounts for
    things like having a good driving record, insuring multiple vehicles, or
    bundling your car insurance with other types of insurance. Be sure to ask about
    available discounts when shopping for car insurance. 
  • Claims process: Consider how easy it is to file a claim with
    the company and how quickly claims are typically processed. A company with a
    streamlined claims process can make it easier for you to get the coverage you
    need if you have an accident. 
  • Availability: If you live in an area with limited insurance
    options, it may be helpful to choose a company that is available in your area. 
  • Local representation: If you prefer to work with a local
    agent or broker, consider choosing a car insurance company that has a strong
    presence in your community. 
  • Online resources: Some car insurance companies offer a wide
    range of online resources, such as tools to help you estimate your insurance
    needs or the ability to file claims online. If you prefer to handle your
    insurance needs online, look for a company with strong online resources. 

Ultimately, the best car insurance company for you will
depend on your specific needs and circumstances. It’s a good idea to shop
around and compare quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. 


Our 2023 survey results have placed USAA as the top
insurance company. Customers of USAA have reported the highest level of
satisfaction and are more likely to renew their policies and recommend the
company to others. Additionally, USAA offers the lowest rates in our study, 35%
lower than the national average. However, it’s worth noting that USAA’s
insurance products, including auto, homeowners, and renters policies, are only
available to members of the military community, hence not every driver will qualify
for coverage through USAA. 

USAA Car InsuranceReview for 2023

State Farm: 

In our rating, State Farm is ranked second and has received
above-average scores in sub-categories such as Claims Handling and Customer
Loyalty. It also performed well in our ranking of the most affordable car
insurance companies of 2023. Its average premiums for drivers with
less-than-perfect driving records were the lowest among the companies we rated
for those who are not eligible for coverage from USAA. 

State Farm Car Insurance Reviews 


Farmers are tied for third place in our overall rating and
tied for the top spot in several sub-categories. It ties in first place in
Claims Handling and second place in Customer Service and Customer Loyalty.
However, it falls behind in the category of “Most Likely to be
Renewed” with a score of 4.0, which is lower than the average score of
4.2. Additionally, it has one of the highest average annual rates among the
companies included in our ratings. 

Farmers Car Insurance Review for 2023


Nationwide has improved by two positions since our 2021
analysis and is now tied for the third spot. The company received the
second-highest scores in the sub-categories of Customer Loyalty and “Most
Likely to be Recommended” and above-average scores in all other
sub-categories. Additionally, it offers below-average rates for certain
drivers, particularly those with a good driving record or poor credit. 

Nationwide Car Insurance Review for 2023


Geico is tied for third place in our 2023 ranking of the
best car insurance companies, with average scores across various categories
including Claims Handling, Customer Service, and Customer Loyalty. It also
holds the second position in our list of the most affordable car insurance
companies of 2023, with competitive average rates for teenage and senior
drivers and those with poor credit. 

Geico Car Insurance Review for 2023


Allstate has improved by three positions to tie at number 6
in this year’s ranking of the best car insurance companies. It also holds fourth place in the sub-category of “Most Likely To Be Recommended”,
however, it received slightly below-average scores in most of the other sub-categories.
Its rates are among the highest in our analysis, however, certain drivers such
as those with a speeding violation on their driving record may find competitive
rates with Allstate. 

Allstate Car Insurance Review for 2023


Travelers have improved by two positions and ties for the 6th
place this year. Travelers’ customer service score is lower than seven other
insurers in our analysis, but it ranks first in the category of Claims Handling
and third in “Most Likely to be Renewed”. Moreover, it receives an
above-average score for policy renewal and offers premiums that are typically
lower than the national average. 

Travelers Car Insurance Review for 2023


Progressive is ranked 8th in our analysis. Customers are
generally satisfied with the ease of opening a policy but Progressive ranks
last in the category of “Best for Customer Loyalty” and received
below-average scores in all other sub-categories in our survey. Progressive
customers are also less likely to renew their policy or recommend the insurer
to other drivers. However, those with a DUI may be able to find savings with
Progressive as its rates for those drivers are among the lowest in our study. 

Progressive Car Insurance Review for 2023


AAA is new to our ranking of the best car insurance
companies and is tied with Progressive for the 8th position. Its scores are
below average across all categories we analyzed. However, it holds the 6th
place in the sub-category of “Most Likely to be Renewed”,
outperforming Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, and American Family. AAA similarly
has the highest average premiums in our study, on the other hand, drivers should
still get a quote to check if their individual rate is additional competitive. 

AAA Car Insurance Review for 2023

American Family 

American Family has dropped four places this
year and is ranked 10th in our analysis. Its scores are the lowest in most
sub-categories, although it has a slightly higher score than Progressive in the
category of “Best for Customer Loyalty”. Despite the low scores,
American Family does offer competitive rates for certain drivers, particularly
teenage drivers, and drivers with poor credit, besides drivers with accidents or
DUI on their record. 

American family Car Insurance Review for 2023

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