‘ZTE Libero Flip’ Smartphone Full Specifications

The Chinese smartphone company ‘ZTE’ has introduced the most affordable foldable phone to date.

Typically, the price range for foldable phones in Pakistan is between two to three hundred thousand rupees. However, ZTE has unveiled an extremely budget-friendly foldable phone, which can be purchased online before its launch in Japan, accompanied by additional discounts. 


ZTE Libero Flip

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The company introduced the ‘ZTE: Libero Flip,’ offering a 7.6-inch screen, operating on Android 13, with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

While presenting the ‘ZTE: Libero Flip,’ the company announced a substantial 50% discount on pre-orders in Japan.

The phone features dual cameras on the back, with the main camera being 50 megapixels and the second one being 2 megapixels. Additionally, there is a 16-megapixel selfie camera on the front.

The foldable phone comes with a 4300 mAh battery, a 33-watt fast charger, fingerprint sensor, and other security features.

The company has set the overall price of the phone at 117,000 rupees; however, there is a possibility of further reduction when presented for sale in various countries.

The ‘ZTE Libero Flip‘ is expected to be introduced in Pakistan and other countries in the region soon, potentially with a reduced price of up to 100,000 rupees.

Please note that the prices and availability may vary based on the region and promotions at the time of launch. 




ZTE Libero Flip Specifications

ZTE Libero Flip’ Smartphone Specifications

Feature Details
Display 7.6-inch screen
Operating System Android 13
Storage 128 GB
Back Cameras Main: 50 MP, Second: 2 MP
Front Camera 16 MP
Battery 4300 mAh
Charger 33-watt fast charger
Security Fingerprint sensor and other security features
Price 117,000 rupees (with potential discounts)

Note: Prices and availability may vary based on the region and promotions at the time of launch.