tropical diseases are spread by biting arthropods (e.g. mosquitoes, flies, lice,
and ticks) such as dengue.  Dengue fever
is a mosquito-borne infection; it can be asymptomatic, but normally Mosquitoes
are attracted by several factors, including the presence of carbon dioxide,
heat, odors, and movement. 

dengue fever

is the female mosquito that feeds on humans, as she requires a blood meal for
her larvae to develop effectively and cause severe flu-like sickness or
illness. It can also cause bleeding and shock, a potentially fatal complication
called dengue hemorrhagic fever which is a leading reason for serious childhood
illness and victims in some Asian countries. Although there is no particular
treatment for the infection, good medical care, treatment often save the life
of an individual with this fatal disease.


individuals who feel they may be bite by mosquitoes should seek immediate
medical advice. The occurrence of dengue fever across the world has greater
than before in recent years, and a lot of the world’s population is at risk.
The World Health Organization (WHO) advises that the “only way to prevent
dengue virus diffusion is to fighting and struggle the disease-carrying
mosquitoes.” Get more information about insect bite avoidance available on the website.


virus is widespread in Pakistan, and it always occurs throughout the year, but
it hit the highest point during the post-monsoon season. Regardless of this,
nearly 700 cases of confirmed dengue fever have been reported across Pakistan
this year. Many of the reported cases have been in Karachi; however, dengue
fever is also increasing in other parts of Sindh province. It is expected that
individuals returning from camps established for flood-affected people in
Karachi may be spreading the infection and the condition is worsening.

of Cases Reported

numbers of cases of dengue fever have been reported in Sindh, where at least
five deaths from the infection have also been reported to have occurred. The
official has also acknowledged that 16 confirmed individuals with dengue fever
have additionally been reported in Islamabad. What is of even more concern is
that researchers have revealed eruption of dengue fever in Pakistan is becoming
more severe.


or rooms without screening should sleep under a net to avoid being bitten at
night. Sprays that kill flying insects are not likely to provide sufficient
protection from either nuisance biting or malaria and especially dengue fever.

coils can decrease bites by repelling and killing mosquitoes Coils, which
contain a synthetic insecticide, should only be used in well-ventilated areas.
A small piece of the coil lit under the table can be an avoidance when dining
at outdoor restaurants.

  • Mosquito
    bites should not be itched and should be kept clean and dry to protect from any
  • These
    kinds of mosquitoes are taking hold in clean water.
  • Please
    do not keep water in a pot or do not leave water in plant banks.
  • Be
    careful when you go outside in the early morning and in the evening time.
  • Certainly,
    prevention is better than cure.