just five seconds in front of a mirror and you should take hold of men’s
interest, new research suggests. Men are most strained to a woman’s lips over
any other facial features. According to research by Manchester University, if
female applied lipstick, then males will find it even harder to look away. 

red lips

dash of pink lipstick will hold his attention for a few seconds and red will
keep him fixated for more seconds. The research suggests that red lips and
supposed pleasant appearance are still inextricably linked; with red lipstick
confirm to be the most powerful attractor and significantly increasing visual


University conceded the research by tracking the eye moments of 50 males as
they were presented with images of different women. The research concluded that
if women put on lipstick, the men stare at their lips for an average of seven
seconds. Moreover, he would like to spend looking a few seconds their eyes and
less time at their hairstyle. Makeup raises men’s attraction further, with
lippy adding to blokes’ attraction for women’s lips.

like red lipsticks against pink lipsticks; attraction is more for red lipsticks.

than 50 men took part in the facial fixation study. They were enthusiastic to
hooked up to technology which tracked the precise actions of their eyes when
they were presented with images of women for ten seconds. Men spent more time
looking at the woman’s eyes, followed by her nose than her lips, naturally.

study provides evidence that lips signify one of the most sensual
characteristics of a woman’s body and play a significant role in human sensual attraction. ‘Full and red lips combined to deliver the perfect show displeasure
to attain male obsession, but women who simply wear lipstick – despite their
lip form – secure significantly larger altitude of attraction than those who do