State Oil
 PSO Company ongoing selling and introduced ‘ethanol’ merge fuel recently
but people are still anxious about it as they do not be familiar with, what is
ethanol fuel and will it carry out without harming the vehicle engine. This
kind of fuel is coming from fruit like apple weeds, sawdust, and from almost
whatever comparable to these above-mentioned things. 

The CEO of the ford
company has provided information to the reporter of the New York Times that
there is a fuel of vegetables to be fermented. Now after eight decades, ford
still leads with Biofuel power-driven cars and they have already started sales
of such cars in Europe. Companies like Renault, Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota
are now also following this kind of thing. The diversion of fuel comes again
near to biofuel, which is nowadays in a type of ethanol and oil of soybeans and
raw sugar cane. 

These forms of elements make a physically powerful combination
with gasoline that combines powerful energy for petrol and diesel engines. The
most extensively used fuel is ethanol. Ninety percent of 90% of ethanol fuel is
used for industrial purposes and the remaining for transportation.
Approximately one-quarter of the world, ethanol manufacture goes into alcoholic

pakistan state oil

Fuel Worldwide Production: 

worldwide production of ethanol from sugarcane is enlarged to twice till the year
2000. Brazil is the country that begins this kind of fuel activity and consists
of up to 40% of fuel supplies for transportation in the country. The fuel of
diesel is also in progress from a very small amount, which converts and
exchanges into three-fold production. 

The increase in petrol charges from the
time when 2004 has elevated interest in biofuel in numerous additional
countries. The high-level prices carry on various sections of the world to
think about substitutes and consider it practically. Several delegations from
different states have traveled to Brazil, keeping hope in their minds that they
should also regulate biofuel in their country to reduce the cost of production,
transportation and to boost the economy. 

Farmers, Energy companies and many
other concerns consider that biofuel is not much fantasy as they thought in the
future. Even the next generation can extort more economical resources such as
wheat, paper straw, corn and municipal wastes, which are potentially distant
lower in cost and more inexpensive than gasoline. They have envisaged that
carbon fuel will disappear after a few decades and biofuel will take place. The
wide range of potential benefits of biofuel generates opportunities, as well as

Hazard and Prospect: 

1978, in Brazil, there was a huge concern about ethanol fuel regarding the environment.
It produced several troubles for humankind and wildlife. The disposal of
alcohol and other chemicals in the water created some severe diseases. There is
a treatment for some diseases but other is not curable. 

The smoke of primarily
made oil produced dark clouds that hold chemical mixed water. However, after a huge
level of research, now Brazil has taken concrete steps and measurements to
control and stop the negative effects of biofuel in the environment. They have
successfully implemented that tradition in their country. Now it is useful, unharmed.
With the difference to gasoline, it created such a sort of environment that can
produce cancer of different kinds, effects lungs and create noise pollution in
society, and there is a solution to control this disaster. 

farming activities can raise the chances for farmers generally. Especially Pakistan,
which is based on agriculture and 70% of the population, is related to
agriculture, can easily take several benefits from the implementation of such a
form of fuel. 

With this step, the country’s economy can take a boost with a huge
scale, and it can bring this country with developed countries because of the massive
quantity of exports and increasing foreign exchanges. 
the last, the fuel can provide clean air and water; low-priced, affordability,
each, and most of all countries can be self-sufficient to fulfill its

It will also certainly mostly cut off the monopoly of some
countries that have natural resources of gasoline oil. The significant thing is
that there should be a decisive factor to evaluate indicators who can bear the
heaviness of soil fertility, the justness of land ownership, misuse management,
and general economic growth.