We Love You: 

Cup cricket tournament 2011 is continuing in the shared hosted countries
comprise are Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. Pakistani team and other
fourteen teams are enthusiastic with a competitive spirit to achieving the world
trophy. Pakistani team is fully struggling to meet national expectations.
Although it is the initial stage, However, in terms of favorite teams, experts
have places the Pakistani team in the top-six list. India, Sri Lanka, and the Australian
team are believed to be favorites than that of the Pakistani team. But cricket
is a unique play game and the beautiful combination of unexpected.
  Until the last ball, no one can tell that who
will win. 

ICC cricket world cup 2011

Cup 1992 Some Memories: 

1992 when Pakistani captain Imran Khan had received the World champion award for
the country then assumptions of experts think that Pakistan did not even reach
the semi-finals. This time the situation seems to be similar also. And is being
considered by various conflicts facing the Pakistani cricket team reach the
World Cup players they might not be encouraging that kind is required for major
competitions. But can not deny the fact that in difficult situations and
difficult steps in our national cricket team have always performed above
national expectations. Pakistani team has performed very well in initial stages
these victories have created more passion in the heart of cricket fans. 

the fact can not be denied that the Pakistani team has some weaknesses experts
should take beneficial measures to eliminate them in time. Some areas of our
team need full attention, especially in fielding and middle-order batting.
Despite many efforts, we still do not get good openers. Our team depends more
on the performances of either good batting or have to rely on good balling.
International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that in 2015 ten out of
fourteen teams in cricket will take part in the 2015 cricket world cup and
those teams will be selected who showed good performance in this World Cup


declaration of this decision by the ICC seems to be awful and against the
principle of justice. Because there is a weak team included in these matches
and also strong teams like Pakistan, India, and Australia, and so on.
  Because of the decision will lower the morale
of many such teams in this World Cup are trying to make position. I also pray
like the entire nation for the success of our team with the core of my heart. I
hope that success will be ours “INSHALLAH”.