to Qur’an 

We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an in order that you may understand.
(Qur’an chapter, 12:2)]. 

literally meaning the recitation 

all the dissimilar names given to this Holy Book, `the Quran` (al-Quran) is the
most common besides prominent of them all. The Book that is read repeatedly. 

Arabic language is the most eloquent, plain, deep and expressive of the meanings
that might arise in one’s mind. Therefore, the most honorable Book was revealed
in the most honorable language, to the most honorable Prophet and
Messenger(Peace be upon him), delivered by the most honorable angel(Gabriel),
in the most honorable land on earth(Makkah), and its revelation started during
the most honorable month of the year, Ramadan. Therefore, the Qur’an is perfect
in every respect. It is the word of the Lord of the Worlds, which He revealed
to His Messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him), to bring humanity forth from
darkness into light. It is the greatest of the heavenly Books, the most
complete, perfect and the last of them. 

Quran facts

facts about the Quran 

Qur’an is the ultimate and final message of Allah Almighty for humanity. Whom Allah
has revealed to His Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet (peace and
blessings of Allah be upon him) not only gave the world a system of justice
based on this Qur’an, but also showed a righteous society based on this fair and
just system. 

Qur’an is the final guidance sent by Allah to humanity. From the very beginning
of human history, the revelation of Almighty Allah continued, and in each
period the essence of Allah’s teachings (i.e. worship one Allah and do not
associate with Him). 

is the basic teaching of the Qur’an. The difference between the previous
prophetic teachings and the guidance given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is that
in the former the axis of knowledge and belief was confined to that period and
to the nation to which the prophets were sent. The message of Prophet Muhammad
is for all human beings and to the Day of Judgment. 

testimony of the Torah: 

will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their fellow Israelites,
and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command
him. (Deuteronomy 18:18)]. 

Qur’an is the manifestation of the divine attributes: 

secret of its true greatness lies in the fact that the Qur’an is the Word of
Allah Almighty. This is because the word is the adjective of the translator. It
contains the whole personality of the speaker. So you can evaluate anyone’s
word, that what their level of knowledge and understanding and awareness is.
Whether he is a well-educated, decent, well-mannered, or well-educated man. In
this sense, the Word is the manifestation of all the attributes of Almighty

events are of particular interest to human beings, they implicate many messages
and influences on the human brain. That is why in the Qur’an, Allah Almighty
has narrated the stories and events of the former nations so that people can
learn a lesson from them and not make mistakes in their lives. Religion Islam
is a complete code of life, which guides us at every step of life. Islam
describes the boundaries of each being, whether it is happiness or sorrow. 

that one should not cross the boundaries of Islam even in the event of
happiness or suffering. In the Holy Qur’an and the companions of the
Companions, we find pure humor, laughter, joyous events, and occasional
archetypes, all of which have complete guidance for us. Therefore, we must
study the character and situation of these holy persons, rather than false,
deceptive and profane events, for the sake of foresight and counsel, so that in
their light we can refine our moral character and mind. 

is why it was not only comprehensive and complete but protected from all kinds
of distortion as well. It is only the honor of the Qur’an that 14 centuries
have passed, but its word is safe. One of the rights of the Qur’an is to convey
its message to others. The teaching of this Qur’an is also to be practiced.