is being described for those people who do not accept Islam who reject and
refuse the religion of Islam without any Evidence.

associated with education will be clearly known that all staff in schools,
colleges and universities transferred is a matter of routine. Especially the
school principal and other staff of educational institutions. All transferred
associated with education are done by the education officials and experts.
Similarly, in the academic fields of educational courses, educational experts
have also decided to change regarding the prospect. Because experts know very
well that what is right and what is wrong for the betterment of education and

Islam peace

decisions by the higher education authorities do not bother anyone. Because
people related to the education field clearly know that it is a routine matter.
Suppose if anybody in the academic field challenges the decision then it will
create a major problem. If students in schools or colleges and universities as
well refuse that we do not accept these decisions. As a result, such students
will warn before the final penalty by the academic authorities. If student’s do
so, they get a severe punishment. But usually, it does not happen. OR This
nonsense will do by those who are ignorant.
we come to the actual purpose. Take the above-mentioned explanation in your
mind and compare with the following: 

Almighty” sent their beloved Holy Prophets for the guidance of all mankind of
this world. Allah Almighty gave Holy Books to Holy Prophets for the guidance of
the people. Because they were actually out of the way or because they had
changed. But people of those times have refused to the Holy Prophets preaching
and killed them for no reason. As a result, Allah sent down punishment on them.
If Allah Almighty sends another messenger to them, they clearly refused. This
was due to their ignorance, imperfect knowledge and stubbornness because they
were very harsh and cruel people. Can you imagine all of these things have been
automatically created? 

when the educational curriculum requires suitable changes. Because educational
experts know what is need for the betterment of students. When Allah Almighty
makes similar changes why you are objecting? Because Allah Almighty knows
better what is good for us. When curriculum changes are made by educational
experts because it is required for time to time for the goodness of student’s
class. That’s why Allah almighty has changed the holy books according to the
time for the betterment of all human beings. One should not object to these
decisions made by Allah Almighty. 

you have heard it that Allah will put those people in Hell who did not follow the
path of Allah. But why people will believe in it. Because they do not believe in
the Resurrection after death. Suppose that all warnings regarding God’s
punishment have come true, and then what you will do? The only thing will
remain in your heart is regret and sorrowfulness. Before this grieve left in
your heart, you must enter Islam, accept Islam and becomes a Muslim. It is best
for your goodness. I hope that you will accept the True path of God Almighty.
Any of you wish to accept Islam, contact me I will teach you how to become a
Muslim and Recite “Islamic Creed” (Shahadah). 

The statement
of belief in the oneness of God and in Muhammad as His messenger. All the Muslims
in the world deliberate recitation of the Shahadah one of the five pillars of

statement of belief: 



إِلٰهَ إِلَّا اللّٰهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ اللّٰه

is no ‘god’ but/except ‘The ‘Allah’ and Muhammad is ‘Rasool’ Messenger of

Anyone says (Recite) the above Islamic words he/she becomes a Muslim. 

me if anybody desires to accept Islam after reading this article.