year by several individuals reviewing diverse characteristics of disability as a
Portion of their development work or for their personal development. These
facts have been providing us some insight into the issues surrounding
disability, Mostly focusing on the methods in which disability in society today
continues to be a barrier to achievement and equality. 


attitudes towards disabled people and other minority groups within our society
are changing and becoming more positive, there still appears to be an enormous
deficiency of understanding about disability. It is often anticipated that all
disabled people are the same, reinforced by the term the disabled – and how
often disabled people Look like to be represented (particularly in the media)
as cons of individuals whose disabilities reason for suffering.

of Disability:

disabled people have established their voice, particularly through
organizations that are established and run and administrated by disabled people
– habitually referred to as the Disability Movement. Many disabled people
discuss that society should not be characterized into what is normal and
abnormal or different – after all, who and what determines the parameters? Many
people will be affected by illnesses or accidents that will cause short-term
impairment at some period in their lives.

the ability to carry Out undertakings in a multiplicity of altered conducts
should be recognized as being part and Portion of everyday life. The fact that
an individual has a disability should not be seen as suggesting a deficiency of
ability or intellect. It is the surroundings that enforce the Limitations that
prevent disabled people from running their lives in precisely a similar way as
non-disabled people, and it is Unfair attitudes and ignorance that prevent
disabled people from being presented the Opportunities given to their
non-disabled Foils.


are numerous means of describing and defining disability. The two most
extensively used definitions are the medical model and the social model (the
social model being the one most disabled people themselves, commonly, prefer as
this Stresses the social limitations that can Avoid disabled people from having
an equal opportunity to participate completely in all Phases of life). The
medicinal model this definition of disability was comprised of the World Health
Organization (WHO) in the early 1980s.

definition defines impairment, disability and handicap as follows:

– damage or abnormality in structure or function; 

DISABILITY – incapability
to perform a Doings or any activities within the normal range for a human
being, because of a Diminishing;

– incompetence to carry out Usual and normal social character because of an
Impairment/disability. They reinforce the misconception that disability is
associated with ill health and that disabled people need the care and attention
of the medical profession.

definitions also put the responsibility for functional incapability with the
disabled person and infer that the answers to solving the issues that arise
from living with a disability lie with the medical profession. The social model
looks at the approach in which the lives of disabled people are affected by the
obstacles that society imposes.

a disability surely denotes that there is some serviceable limitation that has
been caused by a Disorder, accident, or medical condition. In some situations,
the limitation is accommodated, i.e. a person with hearing loss may use a
hearing aid to reestablish his/her hearing; short-sightedness can be adjusted by
wearing glasses or contact lenses.

to-day undertakings may be further problematic for a disabled person because of
pain, difficulty in moving or communicating, or because of a learning
disability, but an accepting and accommodating society would considerably
Decrease the effects of the disability. If the social and environmental
barriers were Abolished, disabled people would have a more genuine and
realistic opportunity of living equally Together with non-disabled people.