with Jazz Chota Bundle Offer (small bunch offer), currently, you can win Gold
Coins daily! At the moment each participating subscriber will get an
opportunity to earn Gold Coins as well as 7 On-net minutes and 30 SMS to all
networks for just Rs. 5. 
provides you a chance to modify your Rs. 5 coins into a 10gm Gold Coin every
day then not only that nonetheless, everyone will obtain 7 On-net min and 30
all network SMS. Therefore Dial *101*1*06# to enter into the Lucky Draw.
Subscription charges of Rs. 5.0+tax apply. 


Offer, Information Details: 

gold coin (10gm) will be given to one lucky winner daily during the promotion
period. Multiple entries will be permitted with each entry being charged at Rs.
5.00+tax. 7 On-net minutes besides 30 all network SMS will be given for each
entry. Free minutes and SMS will only be valid for 1 day. Subscription series
is the same as Chota Bundle (small bunch); therefore everyone purchasing a
Chota bundle will be eligible for the lucky draw. The deal cannot be benefited
together with Jazz 24 Ghanta Offer, Jazz USA/Canada/UK Offer. 

  • Lucky
    Draw and Gold Coin Allocation, Distribution Process: 
  • Lucky
    Draw Winner Of. 
  • April
    4, 2011 (First)
        March 26-April 2,
  • April
    11, 2011, April 3 -April 9, 2011 

lucky draw will be carried out, held on every Monday to select the last 7 day
verification, the winner will be contacted for assigning of Gold Coin.

user cannot be awarded more than one gold coin.