national ski championship starts every year in the Winter season in Pakistan.  Skiers from all over Pakistan are
participating in the assortment of events of the championship. A variety of Ski
Associations of Pakistan which include all provinces of Pakistan are participating
in the competition. International skiers from all over the world come together
on the Karakoram mountains ranges to participate in diverse categories of
international skies in Pakistan.

Pakistan national ski competition

skiing competition provides an outstanding opportunity for Pakistani players to
showcase and display their ability at the international level as well as learn
from their contestant’s experience. Moreover, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating,
as well as ice hockey competitions were also held in Pakistan. Winter Sports
Federation of Pakistan, in collaboration with the other departments, has been solemnly
working for the promotion of winter sports in the country, as well as holding
such events will not only improvement in the tourism industry in the splendid
mountains and valleys of the Northern areas, on the other hand, it helps in develop
a positive image of the country globally as well.