has always been on the most diminutive tread in our program, agenda for
national development. We, currently, are spending only approximately 1.8
percent of our GDP on education. This low allocation is beyond doubt
regrettable and unfortunate. No nation has ever been able to achieve noteworthy
progress or significant development without giving education the priority that
it conclusively merits. 

education importance

on the part of successive governments and their failure to appreciate the value
of education in a nation’s progress and prosperity compels one to think if they
at all knew what education was all about.

which realized the significance or importance of education, and made sustained
investment in this very important sector, are today reaping the benefits of
phenomenal development, growth, and prosperity. They are not only autonomous,
self-sufficient but are also sharing the benefits of their success with
countries that are lagging in all spheres because of a lack of education.

inadequate spending on education should be urgently raised as a minimum of 4-5
percent of the GDP. Would the government in power and the government in waiting
give, bestow any serious thought to this vital issue for the sake of this
nation? The government must take concrete action in this regard.