Means to lead the nation. But how
are the leaders of Pakistan, who are going to destroy the young generation of
Pakistan? I was sitting in a restaurant some people were talking about that
Pornography websites are starting again on the Internet.

How is an Islamic country where
there is no one to stop pornography? Pornography which being a Taboo especially
in Islamic societies has led to its serious spread like an epidemic rather than
a strict no.

Today, the great majority of youth
whether they belong to any religion are being poisoned by this addiction, and
it would not be wrong to say that they are not only destroying themselves but
also corrupting and disrupting the dignity of the entire society they are
living in.

An increase in rape cases in almost
every corner of the world is one such dangerous consequence of pornography
where it appears as the easiest solution of expelling out the alarmingly
increased frustration level.

Rape cases are increasing in
Pakistan as a result of an increase in pornography. Indeed, the easy
accessibility to the internet in their secluded rooms is the core of this
addiction in youth with a bad company of friends nurturing it, on the other
hand, how long will we remain silent towards this serious reality and will let
our youth go senseless. It’s time to help them, and for this, every one of us
should strive hard to save those who may be actively or passively living as
porn victims.

Therefore, we need to educate our youth about the harmful impacts of
pornography on their life patterns i.e. physical, spiritual, and mental
comfort. We need to educate ignorant parents.

We need to aware the society as a
whole of the serious threats it has from this evil. We need to help people from
all religions be they Muslims, Christians, etc.

The Concept of Pornography in Islam:

Islamic scholars can play a key
role in serious matters. Islam has given strict rules against indecent and
shameful activities. It is a religion that understands human needs and desires

It stresses restraint from any form
of vulgarity and immorality. Therefore, Muslim parents are advised to marry
their children as soon as possible. Married life is called the most blessed
activity as it saves the husband and wife from committing sins. The men are
ordered to lower their gaze in the market places.

On the other hand, the women are
addressed to cover their bodies with a veil so that people cannot see their
beauty. Islam has given strict rules against Pornography. Whether you are
committing a sin or just watching a video, every shameful deed is strictly

Holy Quran says:

The Qur’an in Surah Al-An`aam (6:
151) says: “Do not even go near lewdness – whether overt or covert”.
In Surah Al-A`raaf (7: 33) the Qur’an says: “Declare [O Prophet,] indeed
my Lord has prohibited lewdness, whether overt or covert.” Then at another
instance, in Surah Bani-Israeel (17: 32) the Qur’an says: “Do not even go
near fornication”.

Pornography and all such material
that has the potential of leading us astray from the path of God and making us
unmindful of our real goal in life should be avoided to the ultimate.

We must always remember that one of
the most effective among the weapons of Satan to lead us astray is to guide us
to the path of lewdness (Al-Baqarah 2: 267) and we must always be on our guard
against Satan’s attacks.

The fight against pornography and
obscenity not less than the Operation Zarb-e-Azb. We must stand up against it.
Social evil.

Lastly: I extremely request the
Leaders of this Islamic State Pakistan please take serious and practical steps
in this regard. I would request the respected readers to pass this message on
especially to those who are terribly fighting with this condition so that it
may help them heal.

Let’s pray to The Lord of all
mankind that He Allah Almighty may save our generations from being prey to this
evil and may those who are walking over this thorny path pay heed to it. Ameen!