The negligence
of doctors and medical staff of the hospital: 

present, all the people of the world are quite worried about this deadly virus.
Governments and all health-related agencies are working to the best of their
ability. But there is a serious problem with the doctors and the medical staff.
And that is that a few days ago, a young man in the house of our acquaintances
suddenly fell ill. He already had a heart problem. So he was taken to the


heart patient was taken to another city due to a lack of medical facilities in
the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, the medical staff was told that he
had a heart condition and severe chest pain. There, the hospital’s medical
staff identified the patient as a coronavirus patient and quarantined him. 

patient had a mobile facility at the hospital. So he called one of his family
members, that I would die here in this quarantine, and then the same thing
happened. The patient died of a heart attack two days later. All this happened
due to the carelessness of the hospital staff.

Fearing the virus, no doctor approached the patient and he died without medical
help or treatment. 

I strongly request to all the government’s and especially the medical staff of
all the hospitals to take care of the patients of other diseases as well. And
do not ignore such patients in this serious situation.