Daily Water Intake, Health,
Fitness, Health is Wealth.

is Wealth:

there is life then there is a world. Besides “Health is a Thousand
Blessings”, there are not only familiar health-related proverbs in every
language of the world, however, many books and magazines have been published, as
well as in today’s world, each small, big, common, otherwise complex illness
and its treatment are also enthusiastically accessible. Good health can certainly
lead to long life, on the other hand, many people in the world do not pay
attention to health besides the significant things related to it and even the
slightest carelessness proves to be serious and fatal for them. 

health, fitness

time ago, doctors from Germany and Switzerland jointly researched human health,
disease, its treatment, and longevity, giving useful advice and urging them to follow
it, especially emphasizing the importance of adopting some useful habits.
Humans can protect their health as well as the health of others from danger.

has shown that many people do not wash their hands after using the toilet,
which is the beginning of many diseases. For example, in the case of coronavirus
has become extremely necessary. Experts say that there are many unseen germs in
the human body, which, if not cleaned, can be transmitted by touching another
human being, and the human being becomes ill. Experts say. Wash your hands with
normal soap immediately after using the toilet and avoid using any perfume or
spray, as these synthetic products contain a variety of chemicals and alcohol.
Which is harmful to health, and there is also a risk of causing germs. 

is the most important thing. Man feels the need for water more than hunger, so
it is necessary to drink 3 liters of water at intervals in a day, because the
human body itself feels, when it needs water. Usually, people ignore it, which
is a common mistake. When the body gets enough of its proper food, i.e. water,
all the organs begin to function properly. Otherwise, there is a complaint of
headache. Experts say that drinking two glasses of water just after eating does
not quench the thirst of the human body, so it is necessary to drink 3 liters
of water.

World Health Organization (WHO) has said in a special report that most women
use powdered milk available in the market for newborns after childbirth, which
is harmful to children’s health because they contain chemicals that can cause
allergies in babies. Alternatively, suffer from other diseases. Women should
breastfeed their babies for at least a year and a half to keep them healthy.

say that people who eat late at night often suffer from obesity. According to a
report, women prefer to eat late at night, which leads to obesity. Another
study found that eating different foods repeatedly during the day could also
lead to obesity. Experts say that every person should eat as much food as the
body needs, and even if there is no hunger, many people continue to eat
something harmful to health.

screening saves many lives. Cancer researchers say. Breast screening is
essential to detect cancer. Women, especially smokers, are required to have a
full check-up every 6 months. According to a specialist doctor, screening and
X-rays can be done in time to find out how dangerous the tumor is and what
treatment is appropriate.

vegetables are good for health:

vegetables lose all their vitamins. Experts say that the use of vegetables is
good for health if they are not fully cooked. Half-boiling vegetables do not
lose all of their nutrients. Carrots, radishes, cabbage, etc. can be boiled and
used as a salad.

or aspirin can be used for headaches. Experts say that headache is not a
disease to use paracetamol or aspirin 3 or 4 times a day. A maximum of 2
tablets a day can be used to relieve pain. Remember that overuse of
‘painkillers’ can damage the liver and kidneys. A few hours of sleep or tea can
be used to relieve headaches.

and Fitness Tips:

A few
simple ways to improve health

care of the amount of food:

too much does not mean being healthy. Therefore, it is very important to take
care of the ratio of food. In particular, vegetables, pulses, and meat should
be of an appropriate age and need.

sure to have breakfast:

how busy you are, you should certainly not compromise on a nutritious
breakfast. Start your day with a good and healthy breakfast.

drinking water:

forget to drink or skip water while studying, which can be harmful. Especially
for students who study for hours. They need to drink plenty of water. At all times,
carry a bottle of water with you to drink.

sweets and junk food:

too much food is not frustrating; nevertheless, it should be avoided if you
consume excessively many sweets, cold drinks, otherwise junk food. The main
thing is that the food you eat is delicious besides healthy.

part in sports:

who are busy studying all the time. It is difficult for them to give time to
exercise. Many people do not go to the gym because of laziness or the
responsibility of studying. If they participate in a sport, their body can stay
energetic and active as well. Sports such as badminton, table tennis, or squash
provide excellent fitness and playing outdoor games such as football and cricket
have positive health effects as well.


course, you have a motorbike or car, on the other hand, the habit of walking
helps to keep you healthy. Besides walking, jogging otherwise running can be
done as well. If you have a car or bike, make it a habit to park it away and
walk to your home or any shop.

the gym:

you attend a gym, you will be encouraged to join it. The gym offers cycling,
running, and more. Keep in mind that if you are exercising in the gym, it
should be done regularly, not to let the excitement go away for a few days.
There is a risk of harm rather than a benefit.


sleep is very important for everyone because whatever you read or meditate on
is making room in your brain during sleep. Try to get some sleep in the
afternoon. Doing so will restore your lost energy. That is why it is called

Do not
read all night:

people or students read all night. Which can be harmful rather than beneficial?
If you do not get enough sleep, you will be questioning your performance and
your health will be affected. 

Daily Water Consumption Chart

Weight Litre Water
90-96 2.36 10 Glass Daily
81-89 2.12 09 Glass Daily
72-80 1.89 08 Glass Daily
63-71 1.59 07 Glass Daily
54-62 1.41 06 Glass Daily
45-53 1.18 05 Glass Daily
36-44 0.94 04 Glass Daily
27-35 0.7 03 Glass Daily
18-26 0.47 02 Glass Daily
9-17 0.23 01 Glass Daily