incidence of mistreatment with innocent girls

had said
: “Give me good mothers, I will
give you the best nation.” The education and training of future mothers
should be nurtured in such a way that if they are given confidence and
encouragement in all walks of life, it will be a golden opportunity.

the child’s first school is called his mother’s lap. But our social tragedy in
the 21st century is that innocent little girls die after being raped before
they reach puberty.

are not safe in orphanages, girls are sexually abused in schools. Incidents of
abuse of girls who are domestic workers are becoming commonplace. The situation
is that man is morally bankrupt. 

child abuse

parents of domestic help girls mortgage their young daughters by taking an
advance from the owners. Thus, the owners consider these girls as their
fiefdoms and subject them to physical as well as sexual abuse.

is a pity that society is being formed which is rotten. We all have to play an
effective role in preventing this. We have to protect the little buds of our
dear homeland. Girls need to be taught what is a good touch and a bad touch? If
anyone has any doubts, do not hesitate to tell parents, teachers, and

fact is that in our society children are taught to be quiet. Parents are
reluctant to talk to children about this. ۔
Even in educational institutions, this subject is not discussed. The government
should also impose the harshest punishments so that such heinous crimes can be

crime rate in every society, in particular, is increasing day by day. Every day
we watch on TV and we read in the newspapers and one or the other accident
happens. Child abuse is at the forefront of our country these days and
internationally as well. Every day there have been such atrocities against the
daughter of Eve.

in a land where Muslims and Pashtuns have such values that people sacrifice
their lives for the honor of women. But nowadays in such a disgraceful society,
some people eat their children like snakes. To satisfy their cravings, they
abuse and kill little girls and boys.

that their deeds may not be known to the people. Sometimes bodies are recovered
from farms, sometimes from water locks, and sometimes from long wells.

after investigation, a dear relative or neighbor gets involved in this
atrocity. Such incidents used to happen after a long time but nowadays such
incidents happen a lot.

In our society, a child has been abused
every day and the honor of their family is destroyed. But there is no
questioner and no one to punish. Most of the people go out and shout slogans of
justice and the word reaches the ears of the government.

culprit is also caught but further investigation is not done correctly and the
culprit is released under some greed or pressure. In the same way, such
opportunities are provided to the beasts who do such work in society.

we look, there are hundreds of such incidents in the country. But the
government does not seem serious about stopping it. When criminals are not
punished in a society, the crime rate increases.

culprit spends two or four days in jail and then he walks into society without
any fear. In the same way, such brutality is encouraged and the next day
another innocent girl is raped.

such abuse is happening to others even today and we remain silent, it could
happen to us tomorrow as well. Whenever a girl is abused, we walk to the
streets for a few days to protest with slogans of justice. After a while, the
culprit is honorably acquitted by the court and we become silent.

how many children will be victims of this oppression?

of the important things we have to do is to end the apathy in society towards
such incidents. Child sexual abuse is a horrible act that makes the soul

We often
have heard in the news and seen on TV that the body of a girl has been found
again. Now in this country, only the bodies of girls are found, sometimes on
the rubbish heap, sometimes on the roadside, sometimes in a drain, sometimes in
a water tank.

bodies range in age from three to ten years. While ordinary people blame
someone, some people blame their parents. The real culprit is the next victim
during this ‘blame game’.

incidents are not limited to the girls only but also happens with young boys. The
government also takes some steps, and then another incident happens and we
start walking in the same circle again, not coming to a solution.

incidents are more or less the same. The culprit turns out to be a close
acquaintance of the child, well acquainted with the child’s routine. The baby
is chased for a few days. On the day of the incident, the child is lured to a
deserted place by giving him something of his choice and after being lured, he
is killed and thrown away.

long will the oppression of women and children last?

sexual harassment, sacrificing rituals, and ultimately leaving them helpless
are many tragedies for women in every society. At this point, we need to ask
ourselves who is to blame if women are born into this barbaric and inhumane
society. No society can leave its women behind and move forward in the field of
dignity. Women are the backbone of any civilized society. 

women rape

such as sexual abuse stem from discrimination and Pornographic thoughts and thinking
in society.

such as sexual exploitation and discrimination in society stem from ideas
created by watching movies such as obscenity and pornography. Whether in the
cinema or on the Internet.

think here that the National Assembly, the Senate, and the Assemblies of all
the provinces should convene their meetings and we should not help the
government representatives unless they agree with making our system fair and
humane. Oppression and barbarism must be eradicated so that if a woman leaves
home at three o’clock in the morning, there are state agencies to help her.

that is not all. Rather, the most important and necessary thing is that all the
houses sit together and resolve and decide on this delicate and serious issue.
The first step towards a welfare state is to punish the perpetrators and
provide cheap and speedy justice.

Some solution has to be found for
this riot and serious issue. Otherwise, in the same way, our beloved
flower-like children will continue to die, being tortured and tormented, and we
will continue to watch them as spectators.

human beings and as a nation, we must strive and work together to demand that
the government make a law that if any person commits such atrocity in the
future, he should be hanged in public.

this, we must all unite, so that the government can take this issue seriously
and protect our children. Well, there is a law for that, but due to the
inattention of government agencies, tyrants walk the streets without fear.

modern times, crime has become a common practice and an integral part of
society. Whether these crimes are moral or sexual or related to looting, murder,
and robbery, or at the regional and city level or the national and
international level, neither individual nor collective life is safe from it.

crime and immorality are on the rise all over the world. The criminal world in
our society today needs no explanation, it seems that the whole society is
getting involved in crime. 

internet is also a source of pornography

internet access is available almost everywhere. Internet cafes have become
hotbeds of pornography. The city is full of net cafes where pornographic videos
and pictures are available to the younger generation under the guise of the internet.
Some net cafes also use and sell drugs.

depends on what you are using the internet for. If your thinking is positive
then the result will be good. If your thinking is the opposite then the result
will definitely be bad. Which will give rise to negative trends in society.

values are declining day by day, the decline of moral character is increasing
day by day. It is also being encouraged by some sections to pursue their petty

problem is exacerbated when it comes to the younger generation. Because they
are the capital of any nation, the youth play an important role in the
revolution of any nation.

people on the other hand are raw of intellect and blind to emotions. Whichever
way they think, they walk on it. This period of life is very critical. At this
stage, man becomes both good and bad.

measures are being taken by the government to promote information technology.
But no action has been taken to shut down the most obscene and pornographic
websites, nor have internet providers, realizing their moral responsibility,
tried to shut down such websites. As a result, it seems to be a flood of
obscenity and pornography, especially among the younger generation.

your net providers do not allow you to block specific and unlawful websites,
you can block inappropriate, immoral, pornographic, and anti-Islamic websites
with the help of the following software that is also available in the market.
The names of these softwares are as follows:

Cyber ​​Sitter

Net Nanny

Cyber ​​Petrol

Norton Internet Security

Mcafee Parental Control

these softwares on your computer then set them, they block pornographic
websites, in fact these softwares also do not block non-Islamic websites
basically but they have options which With the help of this you can block any
illegal and obscene website. Setting up these softwares is difficult but not

from the so-called rural intellectuals and the literate to the illiterate, the
peasant man, everyone is expressing their views on the real motives and causes
from their angle. Some say unemployment is the cause, some say society is a
victim of crime because of poor policies. Some say that it is far from religion
and some say that the main reason is the lack of proper security arrangements.

of Allah Almighty (God) and lack of belief of the Hereafter

our society is buried in unresolved issues and troubles. One of the main
reasons for this is fear of God and neglect of the Hereafter. We have made this
extraordinary world our goal and we have forgotten the eternal and dynamic life
of the Hereafter. It is as a result of these collective sins, negligence, and
shortcomings that the whole of society today is engaged in crime and is facing
new problems.

the fact is established in the hearts and minds of people even today that life
is not limited to this world but will be a never-ending life after death. In
which people’s true success and failure will be announced, there is only one
thing that can force human beings to refrain from criminal activities even in
solitude. And it is the fear of Allah Almighty.

fact, the real cause of destruction on earth is ingratitude and disobedience to
God’s blessings. There are open rebellion and disobedience against his orders.
This is the root cause of our current turmoil. That is why Allah says in the

whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have
earned. And He pardons much. (Quran Chapter: 42:30)

of unity and solidarity

of unity and solidarity is also the cause of crime in society. The situation is
somewhat similar. That every individual is in pursuit of personal interests.
Not informing each other, everyone is suffering from selfishness and

of mutual trust and ideological disunity have created a conducive environment
for criminal elements to commit crimes. However, Islam urges us to be united
and forbids persecuting one another. That is why Allaah says in the Qur’an:

(sins and disobedience to Allah) has appeared on land and sea because of what
the hands of men have earned (by oppressions and evil deeds), that He (Allah)
may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may
return (by repenting to Allah and begging His Pardon). (Quran Chapter:30:41).

and unorganized Police System (lack of legal arrest)

police department, which consists of many units, is responsible for maintaining
law and order in society, but our police have always been used by the
governments in power for political purposes rather than crime prevention.

due to the wrong attitude of our governments and undue political interference
in the departments, the top officials of this department seem to be defending
their jobs in front of the elite class. It seems to be that they are not
government employees but their employees.

government should arrange for physical training of law enforcement personnel as
well as maximum mental training. So that their mental approach can be improved
and they can better deal with modern methods of crime in this modern age.

the United Nations or on its own, Pakistani police personnel (including
soldiers) should be given a fair selection of mental and investigative training
experience, and other countries with the best training centers. Some of them
should be trained to train their country’s police force.

effects of crime

actions and attitudes have a positive effect on society, but if these actions
take a negative turn in the case of crime, the effects will certainly be
negative, leading to an increase in crime in society.

serious attention is not paid and concrete steps are not taken to solve such
problems, crimes will spread in the society, such as social depravity,
violation of moral values, unrest, excess of social conflict, obstruction of
collective development, sedition, and disorder, etc.

and cultural values

and cultural values are also important for crime control. As long as there is
practically no strong reaction against evil in society, the roots of crime will
continue to grow. Negative and irresponsible attitudes should be discouraged.


above discussion proves that due to the wrong strategies of the law enforcement
agencies and the government, the crime rate is increasing rapidly and people
are committing various heinous crimes due to the slowness or slowness of the
judicial process. Are

are getting involved in crimes, which later turn into major terrorists or their
followers. Therefore, the government should take immediate and strong steps to
establish law and order and end oppression and injustice, and God willing,
these positive steps will bring a new spirit and strength to the peace and
survival of the country.

says about the Adultery:

come not near to unlawful sex. Verily, it is a Fahishah (i.e. anything
that transgresses its limits: a great sin), and an evil way (that leads one to
Hell unless Allah forgives him). (Quran Chapter:17:32).

this verse, the prohibition, and evil of sin have been explained and that is,
“Adultery”, Islam and in all the heavenly religions is unlawful to act,
adultery has been declared as the worst sin and crime. This is the root cause
of a high level of immorality and sedition and even its other harms in the form
of the terrible disease of AIDS. In a state where the number of adultery is
increasing, AIDS is spreading. It is like a form of divine punishment in the


were with the Prophet (
while we were young and had no wealth. So Allah’s Messenger (
PBUH) said, “O young people! Whoever among you can marry, should
marry, because it helps him lower his gaze and guard his modesty (i.e. his
private parts from committing illegal sexual intercourse, etc.), and whoever is
not able to marry, should fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power.”

: Sahih al-Bukhari 5066

reference: Book 67, Hadith 4].

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