sure to read this article once before purchasing a solar power system

biggest benefit of the information given in this article is that no one will be
able to deceive you when you buy solar energy products. In addition to solar
panels, many other items are required to obtain solar energy, the full details
of which are being provided in this article. I hope you find this information

sunshine is a treasure for a man that will never run out. We now have a
responsibility to make the most of this gift of nature. If we want to see
prosperity in the country, the best solution is to spread awareness about the
importance of solar energy.

have to move forward to guide and help the people to complete the solar energy
projects. Solar energy plays an important role in strengthening the economy of
any country.

people face problems due to the power crisis. Scientists are developing new
things to solve this problem. 


to solar panels:

solar panel is a device that converts light into electricity. A solar panel is
a collection of different small solar cells. Electricity is obtained by
attaching those solar cells to a large sheet. A solar cell produces only 0.5
volts while the amperes increase or decrease due to the difference in the size
of the cell.

formula Watt divided by Ampere = Volts is used to determine the volts of a
solar panel. Volts can also be found by counting the number of small cells on a
sheet. A 0.5-volt solar cell can generate half a watt of current.

solar panels that generate energy are counted in watts. For example, if we buy
a good solar panel of 180 watts, this solar panel will get 26 volts and it will
produce 6.9 amperes.

its calculation will be like this Volts x Ampares = Watts then we will know
about watts and if we know volts and watts then we can find amperes by taking
this Watt divided by Volts = Ampare form.

of solar panels and other technical information.


hallmark of a mono-crystalline solar panel is that its solar cells are black. A
thin piece or wafer is a large black crystalline silicon cut or made into a
thin monocrystalline cell.

have the highest efficiency. It consumes the most energy and is 100% effective
for 5 years.

that, its performance begins to decline. Monocrystalline is more suitable for
areas where the temperature is low.


by cutting thin silicon wafers. Many crystals are mixed together. They have low
efficiency. They are also larger in size. Poly is suitable for hot areas and
they are blue in color and have a higher ability to withstand the intensity of
the sun.


you want to run on UPS or solar power systems. It is expressed in kilowatts per
hour. For example, if you want to run 3 fans, 4 energy savers, its load becomes
about 400 watts. To determine the load, collect all the electronic items you
want to run on UPS or solar panels in their power watts.


price of a solar panel varies according to its efficiency. The lower the
efficiency of the panel, the cheaper it will be. Efficiency refers to its
output power. That is, how much output he can provide. A square meter panel
should provide a thousand watts of electricity, but for some reason, this does
not happen and its output is greatly reduced.

is why each panel describes its efficiency, ie how much electricity it is
providing. 10% efficiency of a panel means that a panel of one meter is
providing output up to 100 watts. An efficiency of 20% means that a panel of
one meter is providing output up to 200 watts but practically 10% to 17% of
solar panels are found.

is the use of efficiency?

buying a solar panel, make sure that you get the full output (watts) that the
shopkeeper is telling you. This means that if you buy a 400-watt panel, you
will only get 400 watts. One misconception here is the possibility of
low-efficiency losses.

is, the misconception may be that if you are buying a 400-watt panel, 10 or 20
percent of it may mean just 40 or 80 watts of output. It is not. Low efficiency
shows the loss of your “Area”. The lower the efficiency of solar
panels, the more installation area will be required.

the more efficient the panels, the smaller their size. But it will be as big as
a large panel. The efficiency of the solar panel is higher. It is considered

can use solar energy for our purpose in these ways. DC is obtained from solar
panels. Our power system is on AC. The energy from the solar panel is
stabilized by charge control and then this energy is used.

we want to get direct electricity from solar panels, we have to install all the
items like fans, lights, and cables. When you get electricity directly from
solar panels, you save on battery costs. But one of the disadvantages is that
you will not be able to get electricity at night and in the rainy season.

method is not successful in countries like Pakistan. Our power system consists
of AC. Therefore DC is obtained from solar panels. To convert it to AC, an
inverter has to be installed in it. The inverter converts DC to AC current.
This way we can easily use ordinary fans, lights, and other electronics.

we need electricity even at night, by adding batteries we can store and use
electricity even in the absence of sunlight. It costs a little more, but most
people prefer it.

used in the development of solar power systems has its significance. If you use
anything of low quality you will never get the desired results. For example, if
the cable used is cheaper, it will waste 30% of the electricity of the solar
power system.

a good type of charge controller when you want to install a solar power system.
Because no matter how good the quality of the solar panels, if you install a
light quality charge controller, you will never get the desired results.

you use an MPPT charge controller, it will give you 15% more results. Using a
charge controller is important because solar panels provide 18 to 20 volts,
while a battery requires only 14 to 14 and a half volts.

normal charge controllers regulate volts, but they cannot increase the ampere
while the normal charge controller keeps wasting the power of your solar
system. There are generally three types of charge controllers.

Simple Yato stage controls: They control the voltage in one or two stages
depending on the shunt transistors. Their only job is to disconnect the solar
system from charging when the batteries are fully charged.

Three-stage or PWM: These are better than simple electronically controlled
controllers. Simply put, they adjust the charging rate according to the
battery’s charging status. This means charging the empty battery faster and
then slowing down the charging.

these controllers monitor the condition of the battery, then send their signals
or plasia charging pulses accordingly. If the battery is very down, it sends
out quick charging pulses, thus prolonging the battery life.

MPPT: This is the most advanced charge controller. They provide 15 to 30
percent more power. They can also be called “Equalizer”. Using MPPT
reduces your line losses.

you want to put more panels in the series, it collects their upmiers.

you want to install solar panels in series, you should always have the same
size, volts, watts, amperes and when buying solar panels, keep in mind that the
solar panels we are buying should have the same size solar cell.

started One of the disadvantages of connecting solar panels directly to
batteries is in the form of “overcharging”. The output from solar
panels is mainly 15 to 21 volts.

the way to extend battery life is to use a 200 amp battery if you need 150 amp.
Using a good charge controller increases battery life and prevents it from
being destroyed. 

The function of the charge controller or charge regulator is
to regulate the amount of current coming from the panels to the battery. If the
current coming from the solar panel is not regulated, the batteries will be

people who do not have complete knowledge about solar energy, when they do not
choose the right things when buying a solar power system when they do not
achieve the desired results, lose confidence in this technology, so the solar
power system. Keep these things in mind when buying.

The life of a solar panel should be at least 25 years. Most of the Made in
China solar panels are being sold in third world countries, the quality of
which is not so good, so do not buy solar panels that do not have a warranty

There should be a guarantee that the panel of watts you are buying will provide
the same number of watts.

You can never buy a good thing at a low price, make sure there is nothing wrong
with what you are buying cheaply.

Check the certification of solar panels. This confirms that it has been tested
in a laboratory. The certification code will be something like this. TUV will
be ICE 61215. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year,
as well. If different, the stickers are self-made.

Always look at the type of solar panel and buy. If there is less space on the
roof, monocrystalline solar panels will work better.

The solar power system you are buying should have a mounting or tracking system
so that your solar panels are safe when the wind or a strong wind blows. If you
get wind certified, the advantage is that you will not be blown away by the
strong winds and go to your neighbors’ houses.

The inverter should be of good quality so that when it converts the current
from DC to AC, the electricity is not lost during the conversion.

From the person from whom you are buying the entire solar power system, you
must know how many installation charges there will be. Because of the actual
Burns installation. The sellers are not earning as much as the
installers. Taking up to 80USD installments here.

hope this information will help you in purchasing a good solar power system.