popular messaging app WhatsApp has developed a new feature for users at the
beginning of the New Year. At the beginning of the year 2022, WhatsApp
introduced a great new feature for the users through which the profile of the
sender can be viewed. 

WhatsApp update

to the details, WhatsApp keeps making new changes for the convenience of its
users. Many people use voice notes in WhatsApp to send messages. Turns into
minutes instead. WhatsApp has developed a great feature for users at the
beginning of the New Year, which is now for the iOS operating system.

management said the feature is about system notifications, which now include
profile photos. The first feature of this year has been completed. Some iOS
beta testers have praised it, but this new feature is considered good because
the upcoming notifications for the iOS system also feature profile photos.

users send messages to groups or individuals on WhatsApp, it will also feature
a profile photo. So far, this new feature has been released for some beta
testers on iOS 15 because it uses the iOS 15 APIs. If this is not available for
your WhatsApp account then do not worry because WhatsApp management is working
on this feature more and is planning to activate multiple such accounts shortly.