Tips and Tricks

    has over one billion users worldwide and is one of the most used apps however
    few people are aware of the interesting tips and tricks in it. This doubles the
    fun of using this app.

    are some tricks you can use.



    italic, strike throw

    can now decorate and present your text in WhatsApp.

    If you want to make a word bold, put * in front and behind it, 

    for example, *
    hello *.

    Add _ to the beginning and end of your word, such as _salam _.

    Add ~ to the beginning and end of your word, such as “hello”.

    the blue tick

    WhatsApp, go to Settings, Accounts, and then Privacy, check the Red Receipt
    there. Unfortunately, this will not allow you to see if other people have read
    your messages.

    let the blue tick appear in the message

    a message is received, turn on airplane mode, open the message and read. Blue
    Tick will not appear in the sender until you reopen the WhatsApp.

    chat history

    to Settings and then Chat and then Chat Backup. Configure your chat settings so
    that you can create backlinks on a weekly or monthly basis and add videos if
    you wish.

    a big heart

    the heart emoji during the chat and send it without a word or emoji.

    files from computer and phone

    a group, add a friend and then delete so you can be alone in the group. Now
    open WhatsApp web and log in with QR code, then transfer any media file you
    want to computer through WhatsApp group, or open any chat and transfer files
    from there to the computer.

    file larger than 15 MB

    capabilities are limited when it comes to filing sharing. No files can be
    shared except RAR, Zip, PDF, Exx, APK, and Word files while these files should
    be up to 15 MB only. Here comes an app called CloudSend. Upload the file to
    this app and give the given link to the desired user. They can easily download
    the file when they click on it.

    mobile number on WhatsApp

    users on WhatsApp can see your phone number, but if you have multiple mobile
    phones, you need to uninstall and reinstall it to change the number. However,
    there is an easy way to do this. Click on Accounts in Settings. There will be
    an option to change the WhatsApp number. Click on it. There will be two fields.
    Enter your new number in the first field and the old number in the second field
    and click Done. After checking this new number, WhatsApp will transfer your
    conversation to this new number.

    off the Last Seen feature

    feature is useful because it lets you know when your friend was online, but it
    also affects the user’s privacy. To turn off this feature, go to Account click
    on the Last Scene button, and make the necessary changes.

    your friend’s profile picture

    to Contacts and copy your friend’s number, now take a picture and paste your
    friend’s number on it and remove or paste the plus sign. Now paste this picture
    on a friend’s WhatsApp profile picture and his profile image will change.