Summary of Quran Chapters 14 Surah Ibrahim The Prophet

Like other Meccan surahs, the subject of this surah is
the warning of the dreadful consequences of refuting the basic tenets of Islam.
Because the polytheists of Arabia believed in Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him). 

Therefore, in the first Ruku, (The term ruku — roughly translated to “passage”, “periscope” or “stanza” — is also used to denote a
group of thematically related verses in the Quran).
before the end of the surah, his powerful
supplication has been narrated, in which he has clearly petitioned Allah
Almighty stating the evil of polytheism and idolatry. To protect them and their
sons from idolatry. That is why this Surah is called Surah Ibrahim. 

Ibrahim is related to Surah Al-Ra’d. There are many verses in these two Surahs,
which are similar to some verses of Surah Al-Baqarah. In Surah Al-Ra’d, no
prophet or messenger is mentioned by name. Similarly, in Surah Ibrahim, the
Prophets and Messengers are mentioned in a slightly different way. In the
beginning, after mentioning Prophet Moses in a few verses, all the prophets of
the past are mentioned together in the plural form, while at the end, Prophet
Ibrahim is mentioned briefly. For this reason, the name of this Surah is also
attributed to Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH).